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sovereign academy party: armchair theatre, observatory

goran and nicole

Goran (Unit R) and Nicole

johan and ben

Johann from Kid of Doom and Ben from Johnny Neon also DJ Sasskwatch.

johan and jess

Johan and Jess, who used to work with us and now works as editor of Love Cape Town magazine.

blurry graff

Some random graffiti. Blurry too. I know.

one man’s injury, another’s opportunity

last night i sliced off a piece of my hand while changing the sheets on my bed. my hand caught the edge of the perspex lamp i have hanging over it. there was blood everywhere. very unnecessary. but a great excuse to finally use my Superman plasters.

branded superman plaster

night time brainstorm at the office

we got our grasses in to help us brainstorm a new product the other day. it was for an alcohol brand, and to get people thinking with their senses as well as just their brains we got all sorts of fruit flavours, savoury flavours, scents and visual stimulation and just put them out everywhere. we also got crayons and pencil crayons and pastels and paint and lots of paper and even some glitter glue.

ruth sticking stuff up

we got to taste 2 new products – as of yet nameless and without a brand, which is kind of weird, a bit like engaging with a person who has no name. well not really. then we got to brainstorming what we would call it and what we thought it tasted like and what our ideal drinks would taste like and what kind of bottle in would come in. we had some sushi breaks and drank more wine and ended up taking the best of everyone’s ideas and combining them to create… durn durn durn… our collective ideal drink. it sounds like a nightmare to execute, but it turned out surprisingly well, even though it was a bunch of consumers designing a drink. it’s rather refreshing to do this kind of thing with people who don’t work in advertising and brands every day. their thinking is generally clearer and just quite simple. which is exactly what we aim for but tend to spend so much time mucking around with. some pics of the evening:

2 of our lady grasses and priscillaconsumers getting involved with a fantasy brandmore consumer creativitypriscilla, ruth and shirley

Intern Jackie and Portiamy scribblesportia's scribblesserena on the swing (yes we have a swing)for the cameracleaning up at about 10.30 pm