Daily Archives: November 3, 2007

they got lucky

lucky dube” Every individual has a limit. Every community has a breaking point. Every country has a boundary; not the geographic, but the moral boundary that sets the outposts of our tolerance to the continued attacks on our civil liberties, personal freedoms and human rights.

If every individual, every community, every corporate and social collective in south africa looked in the mirror today, they would see that they are all far beyond their limits, their breaking points – but strangely don’t recall seeing them approach, or watching them pass. We have been numbed and butchered into submission.”

In the wake of legendary SA singer’s recent murder, a local record label called Hey Papa Legend collaborates with SA band Seventh Sun in a tribute song called “They got Lucky” in order to raise awareness about how out of control crime is in South Africa. the website – www.theygotlucky.com – asks you to sign their petition, and you can also download the song for free.