Daily Archives: November 13, 2007

more wine on the move

arniston bay


looks like the cloop – as the sound of a cork leaving the bottle is called – is soon going to be one of those things we tell our kids about while they look at us funny. here’s some new packaging for arniston bay and versus.

somewhere, a brand manager spills his coffee on his lap

doherty viral mcdonalds

like, the guys at wklondon said, this video of Pete Doherty shooting heroine probably isn’t what McD’s had in mind when the signed up to sponsor the viral video of the day. found on The Sun’s homepage by these folk.

want: rings by Olive Green Cat

olive green cat 1olive green cat 2white rose ringgreen rose ringmany roses

see more of their stuff on their website.

cool stuff seen around

these ginger sweets are awesome and quite spicey. from the chinese shop in town.

ginger sweets

then this incredibly strange cat stationary arrived in the post for me, from a childhood friend living in korea who knows i like lolcats. Choo Choo Season II (they clearly have ‘seasons’ within their stationary series) is done with such detail and filled with delightful choo-isms one feels the need to warn the folks over at Hello Kitty. i spent about an hour laughing about it. a good way to start a week.

choo choo season ii

choo choo stickers

and this is lauren beukes and matthew brown’s kitchen – stunning, though the whole house is stunning.

lauren kitchen

got a new vehicle. thanks toyota.

and it’s a yaris! and it’s black, and i had that anti smash-and-grab film put on the windows it so it’s also quite gangster. which i quite like. anyhow nobody told me buying insurance was as painful as it was. standard bank originally quoted me R700 odd, and then told me flat out i wouldn’t get a better rate. so i called first for women, and they offered me R426 monthly premium, which is a lot better. then i went to dial direct who gave me the best rate, R416 a month with a R1 575 excess.

note that none of them told me i could bring my excess down by adjusting my monthly premiums, which is quite dodge, i think. it was sitting at R2 500 before i asked about it. all’s well that ends well and dialdirect got my business. i quite like the fact that most insurance comes with perks, like free roadside assistance etc etc. i didn’t know that they did.

indicator lessons

so, i got my black Yaris T3+ on Friday. it’s a great little car but it feels enormous inside. very bubble and safe-feeling. and you also sit quite high on the road, which i enjoy. and i like anything that wins rafety rating contests. i also like pretty things and do believe it’s the nicest looking of that category hatch at the moment.