…and we’re back!

wow. it’s been a while. a whole month in fact.

i would have got my act together sooner but both firefox and safari have not been able to log me in on my new machine. safari just flat out crashes. so i’ve turned to Opera. what a relief to be able to browse the net properly again.

i had an amazing holiday. spent a lot of time getting fit. got some decent running shoes. upped my running time. just generally spent time in my body, which doesn’t sound that great but if you work in an office from 9-5, especially in the ad industry, you’ll probably agree that it’s a luxury just to be physical and do a little sweating.

i’m really enjoying my new job so far. it helps that i know the people i’m working with already, so it’s not completely new. it hasn’t been too busy either, so i’ve been able to ease back into things.

today is also my 25th birthday. a whole quarter century. like a quarter pounder, except way better. in fact a quarter pounder does not compare. this morning while half asleep i had a dream that ‘the planets were aligning’, which i took as a good sign. i also woke up to tea in bed and a gorgeous Adidas Originals Grey Satin Hoodie – a gift from my special boyfriend. another great gift i’ve received would be Pleasures of the Damned, an anthology of the poetry of Charles Bukowski. So far so good.

i’ll upload some photos from my break a bit later.

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