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reflecting on some good times

like i said, i’m going to miss jupiter. this whole missing-something has got me thinking about all the good times i had here in my practically lifelong 4 months career i spent on this advertising planet. :

– dialling the interkom and then setting off Brandt’s fart machine during the 3pm slump

– planting the fart machine at farewell speeches near the person who’s leaving

– planting the fart machine under the mike during the Good Hope FM broadcast

– strapping the fart machine to Nicole and following her around the office with the remote

– making giant cut-outs of Jason’s head and carrying them around Margate at the Loerie Awards

– taking the giant cut-out of Jason’s head to agency lunches and not inviting Jason

– giving my Traffic Manager Sarah all my lunch scraps

– framing a pic of an erect penis, putting it on Fred’s desk and waiting a whole day for him to notice

– moving the framed penis to the design studio and watching Jo notice the penis while showing a client around  and pulling a quick ‘hey look over there’ while pointing in opposite direction

– planting the framed penis on the new guy’s desk and watching him say nothing about it for fear of ‘being uncool’

– sending out an email from Traffic Manager’s machine saying ‘I am randy’ and then her dumping the contents of her rubbish bin on my desk while client looked on, fearful


such crazy, zany times y’ulle. do you ever get scared that you will never be able to replicate the level of craziness you have achieved elsewhere? like, what if the model doesn’t work unless atmospheric conditions are just right? being a creative is like being a weird tropical fish that swims backwards or something. the water needs to have plenty of that blue droppy stuff in it, the temperature must be complimentary to scale growth, the tank must be cleaned every 2 – 3 weeks. failing that, regular hugs and maybe a tot of good whisky every now and again will do.

>>>Maybe i’m just thinking too hard about moving jobs and i need to chill out and listen to Cat Power.  <<<

Come and be free, you know who I am.

"Come and be free, you know who I am."

get paid for your ideas. no, really.

there are a lot of dodgy companies around that ask ‘consumers’ to come up with ways for companies to improve their products / services. usually these companies take these ideas and present them as their own and then give you 150 bucks and a few slices of pizza for your time. not ideabounty, which allows you to submit ideas in a closed system, and if your idea is used you get paid $2 500 (yes, that is a dollar sign). i’ve signed up. i’ll be answering my first brief once i’ve finished the golfing headlines i have to write.

cool soon-to-be-marrieds

congrats to Nicole and Goran, who are now officially engaged. Nicole’s sporting a beautiful white gold and pink sapphire delicately set pretty little ring. will try and get her to upload pics. we’re sure they will have lots of medium-tanned babies who are very musically and artistically talented.

Getting Marrieds.

Getting Marrieds. Making marriage cool all around Cape Town.

an important announcement

this here week is my last week at TJDR. It’s really sad because i like it here a lot. from my first day here in the design department, i thought that i could spend a good year or 2 here, which says a lot since i am Gen Y and the lifespan of the average Gen Y job is 2.75 days. i’m gonna miss this place.

3 you guys. gonna miss you. will think of you everyday.

❤ you guys. gonna miss you. will think of you everyday.

But, as they say:

and i am excited to say that i have accepted a Group Head position at King James RSVP. which is just a fancy way of saying senior writer, but i like it because it reminds me of the colossal stone heads of the Olmecs.

don’t worry, this isn’t going to change me as a person. i’m not going to let the added responsibility, extra work and longer hours go to my head. i’m going to stay humble, stay focused, stay real. i won’t go getting all convoluted with the philosophies like the guy who wrote this:

Hmm. Deep.

Hmm. Deep.

Does anyone out there know what this means? Does it mean designers shouldn’t try so hard? Do y’ulle out there who went to university get this? My diploma never covered ‘the tension of opposites’ guys. Really wish i was intellectual right now. Then I could GET this. Are there extra lessons i can take in design philosphy that will make me a better Group Head? Or do i just need to concern myself with grammatical stuff since i am a writer and nobody actually reads signs like this anyway but if they do, at least nothing will be spelt wrong.


Sometimes I wish spellcheck wasn’t invented yet because then my services would appreciate in value. It’s a designer’s world yo. You never read shiz like this targeted at design writers.


here is a quote i like to keep stuck on my wall in Helvetica Extra Bold Heavy:

“Style = Fart.”

– Stefan Sagmeister

weekly round up vibes: soccer, balls and witches

self-discovery is really important. in this day and age, knowing yourself is almost as important as knowing your enemies when it comes to keeping a competitve edge in the advertising industry. this week i discovered something about myself that i never knew: i am freaking petrified of a soccer ball. luckily i discovered this while i was on the soccer pitch, about to make Jupiter proud as the only (legitimate) girl, so i was able to face my fears right there and then. i faced them by turning my back on the ball and running the other way. in me, the survival instinct is strong. some snaps of the event:

Very enthusiastic crowd of supporters despite awful wind. Note the sign in the background.

Very enthusiastic crowd of supporters despite awful wind. Note the sign in the background.

The sign in the background reads:

“Yet another pitch TBWA wasn’t invited to.”

Very funny. Much LOL. Jupiter’s doing (in fineprint it reads One of the highlights of the evening was Fred getting into a fight with some dude from FCB. There was pushing and shoving and pulling apart – for reals. Great stuff. I wouldn’t want to fight with Fred. I mean, who would.

Crazy eyes. Our Fred.

Crazy eyes. Our Fred.

The old open your beer with your teeth trick. Our Fred.

The old 'open your beer with your teeth' trick. Our Fred.

Fred may be mad, but to his credit he once went an entire day without noticing that we’d placed a penis in a picture frame on his desk. He has that kind of focus. That dedication to his craft as Creative Director that makes him so valuable. Also, he’s French, and can make your ‘fuck’ sound like ‘oh poo’. All-in-all, much fun was had, despite the freezing wind.

The more teeth you show the more fun youre having. Standard rules.

The more teeth you show the more fun you're having. Standard rules.

on Friday, Good Hope FM came to the agency and we planted VonBrandis’s fart machine right beneath the DJ’s mike to make things a little more interesting. of course, what seemed like sheer genius at the time fell a little flat since we couldn’t hear it going off. we hope listeners did though.



Ha Ha Fart Machine LOL Shhhh.

Ha Ha Fart Machine LOL Shhhh.

the weekend went by pleasantly – spent most of it lazing in the sun trying to brown the pasty chops since it was the first fully sunny hot as hell weekend since the piffly teasers we’ve been having. went shopping on sunday and was totally talked out of buying OMO by one of the Skip witches, who are totally the coolest promo ladies i have seen in a while. the fact that i’m talking about promo ladies says a whole lot.

Sexy Skip witches. In A Gardens Centre Pick n Pay near you.

Sexy Skip witches. In A Gardens Centre Pick 'n Pay near you.

how to get Telkom to actually help you

why, you sit in their stores and refuse to move until they do, just like this guy did.

South Africas Most Loved Brand.

South Africa's Most Loved Brand.