Daily Archives: October 20, 2008

Louis Armstrong made me do it.

this just went out to allstaff:

Hi everyone

Over a few days, over the next few weeks, we are going to be bringing a little bit of melody into our working environment.

We ran an ill-fated trial a couple of Fridays ago, but my optimistic sense is that the complainants were the more vocal, and so before we had time to really evaluate, the wires were cut. I missed the entire drama altogether!

The music will be discreet (in terms of volume) and the final decision as to whether it stays or goes will be determined by popular choice. I will run the poll personally with  [Finance Director] verifying my arithmetic. (Please note that this does not mean I am asking for comment prior to the end of the test!)

The choice of music however, will be entirely autocratic I.e. [Managing Director’s] Collection.

Before you jump to your conclusion, change can be difficult I know, I ask that you give it some time. Although at the outset, it might seem intrusive, I am hoping that over time that it will fade into acceptable?

[Deputy Managing Director]


hmm. this should be interesting. do you have music playing over the speakers where you work? (note: i am only really interested in your response if you work for Google, who manages to keep its employees the way a premenstrual IBS sufferer retains water.)


i remember the first round of this experiment, as mentioned in the mail. it was a Friday afternoon, and the office was gearing up for its usual themed friday afternoon bash. when all of a sudden, a dreadful wailing erupted through the airconditioning ducts. within seconds, we evacuated the building the way we’d been told to in case of fire or bomb threat. an innocent error, but clearly management sees a benefit to knocking up the general noise levels a notch or 2. stay tuned to see how this pans out…

Practising my get away in case the agency decides to play SlipKnot. The last thing we need is some intern coming to work with a sword.

Practising my getaway dance just in case the agency decides to play SlipKnot. The last thing we need is some intern coming to work with a sword and the desperately need to 'get a campaign passed while still at college'.

dreaming of america

wish we celebrated Halloween y’ulle. it could be a day in the mybrandedlife(TM). me and america… some day we’ll be together.

Just doing it.

"Just doing it."