Daily Archives: October 28, 2008

cool soon-to-be-marrieds

congrats to Nicole and Goran, who are now officially engaged. Nicole’s sporting a beautiful white gold and pink sapphire delicately set pretty little ring. will try and get her to upload pics. we’re sure they will have lots of medium-tanned babies who are very musically and artistically talented.

Getting Marrieds.

Getting Marrieds. Making marriage cool all around Cape Town.

an important announcement

this here week is my last week at TJDR. It’s really sad because i like it here a lot. from my first day here in the design department, i thought that i could spend a good year or 2 here, which says a lot since i am Gen Y and the lifespan of the average Gen Y job is 2.75 days. i’m gonna miss this place.

3 you guys. gonna miss you. will think of you everyday.

❤ you guys. gonna miss you. will think of you everyday.

But, as they say:

and i am excited to say that i have accepted a Group Head position at King James RSVP. which is just a fancy way of saying senior writer, but i like it because it reminds me of the colossal stone heads of the Olmecs.

don’t worry, this isn’t going to change me as a person. i’m not going to let the added responsibility, extra work and longer hours go to my head. i’m going to stay humble, stay focused, stay real. i won’t go getting all convoluted with the philosophies like the guy who wrote this:

Hmm. Deep.

Hmm. Deep.

Does anyone out there know what this means? Does it mean designers shouldn’t try so hard? Do y’ulle out there who went to university get this? My diploma never covered ‘the tension of opposites’ guys. Really wish i was intellectual right now. Then I could GET this. Are there extra lessons i can take in design philosphy that will make me a better Group Head? Or do i just need to concern myself with grammatical stuff since i am a writer and nobody actually reads signs like this anyway but if they do, at least nothing will be spelt wrong.


Sometimes I wish spellcheck wasn’t invented yet because then my services would appreciate in value. It’s a designer’s world yo. You never read shiz like this targeted at design writers.


here is a quote i like to keep stuck on my wall in Helvetica Extra Bold Heavy:

“Style = Fart.”

– Stefan Sagmeister