Daily Archives: October 30, 2008

reflecting on some good times

like i said, i’m going to miss jupiter. this whole missing-something has got me thinking about all the good times i had here in my practically lifelong 4 months career i spent on this advertising planet. :

– dialling the interkom and then setting off Brandt’s fart machine during the 3pm slump

– planting the fart machine at farewell speeches near the person who’s leaving

– planting the fart machine under the mike during the Good Hope FM broadcast

– strapping the fart machine to Nicole and following her around the office with the remote

– making giant cut-outs of Jason’s head and carrying them around Margate at the Loerie Awards

– taking the giant cut-out of Jason’s head to agency lunches and not inviting Jason

– giving my Traffic Manager Sarah all my lunch scraps

– framing a pic of an erect penis, putting it on Fred’s desk and waiting a whole day for him to notice

– moving the framed penis to the design studio and watching Jo notice the penis while showing a client around  and pulling a quick ‘hey look over there’ while pointing in opposite direction

– planting the framed penis on the new guy’s desk and watching him say nothing about it for fear of ‘being uncool’

– sending out an email from Traffic Manager’s machine saying ‘I am randy’ and then her dumping the contents of her rubbish bin on my desk while client looked on, fearful


such crazy, zany times y’ulle. do you ever get scared that you will never be able to replicate the level of craziness you have achieved elsewhere? like, what if the model doesn’t work unless atmospheric conditions are just right? being a creative is like being a weird tropical fish that swims backwards or something. the water needs to have plenty of that blue droppy stuff in it, the temperature must be complimentary to scale growth, the tank must be cleaned every 2 – 3 weeks. failing that, regular hugs and maybe a tot of good whisky every now and again will do.

>>>Maybe i’m just thinking too hard about moving jobs and i need to chill out and listen to Cat Power.  <<<

Come and be free, you know who I am.

"Come and be free, you know who I am."