you know it’s gonna be a good day when you wake up to a tweet like this

is it sad that Britney’s twitter account getting hacked makes my day?

is it sad that i follow Britney Spears on twitter?

does it make me ‘mainstream’ and ‘tasteless’?

are there any tasteful, alternative and cool people out there who can ‘save me’ with their own taste in music and copy over an iTunes playlist with brands like LadyHawke, MGMT and Cansei de ser Sexy (CSS)?

am i ‘too straight’ for finding Britney Spears way more authentic, down to earth and better produced than some who, say, calls themselves Lovefoxx?


“I see you. And i just want to dance with you. LOLOLOLOLOL.” – Brutney Spears


y’ulle can follow me on twitter here.


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