Daily Archives: January 14, 2009

busy. like a person that has too much to do and no laptop to take it all home and do it on.

Ever feel like your To do list is laughing at you?

Ever feel like your 'To do list' is laughing at you?

still adjusting to the madness that is the beginning of the year.

what’s on my plate that’s stopping me from filling your RSS feeds with ramblings about brands, mostly my personal one? many things. i’ll write you a list:

1. Finding a new home. Flat-hunting in Cape Town is nothing short of a soul-destroying experience. I do believe i have found a haven of a nest though, and i’ll speak more about it once i’ve signed the lease.

2. Work. Believe it or not, i don’t only swan around picking up my bags of free stuff all day. Some of the people who give me free stuff expect me to work for them. And some of the people who don’t give me free stuff expect me to work for them, too. I am not yet my own economy. Not just yet.

3. Grooming the Llama out back. This takes up a lot of time. Llamas like their fur, they don’t like to be brushed, dampened or sheared. But duties are duties, I guess.

They know whats coming.

They know what's coming.

4. Looking for a new camera. My old camera was delightful little Ixus. Now, there are so many Ixuses (Ixii?) to choose from that I’m feeling a little stumped. Canon, I have been your loyal customer for years now. You want to send me a sample of your wares? My life is a testament to your products. Just keep reading. You’ll see.

5. Spending all my gift vouchers. This Christmas, I got R200 000 worth of gift vouchers for an assortment of stores / brands / spas / restaurants. As you can imagine, it’s taken a bit of time to work my way through them all. So far my bounty includes: 6 handbags (Prada, Guess – crass i know, but it’s one of their less crass ones and hey, it ain’t my money – , 9 West, Mr Price temps, a Big Blue special), 3 pairs of jeans (Paige, Seven, Diesel-Adidas colabs), 3 x perfumes (Michael Kors, D&G, Prada), 1 x LV Speedy (why not?), a LOT of books, 2 x day treatments at the Westin / Sheraton hotels, 3 x sunglasses (Spitfire still the only shapes i like apart from the big square Diors i found), iPhone, iPod (shuffle, for running), running shoes (New Balance babies)… and that’s it so far. think i have just over R150k left to spend. How ever will i do it? Maybe over 2 years? Buying stuff just gets boring after a while. Plus it adds to the clutter. Truly bad.

So now you know. in other news…

Check out the latest Elle Decoration Revamp 2009 issue for the article on the Grand Daddy Air Stream Mobile hotels. In the one about Mark Stead’s 3 Bears Caravan, you’ll see pics of some bear letters and writings that i did. Some very warped bear letters and writings. Ah, good times.

Until tomorrow, my branded friends, i say goodnight.