there’s a lot to be said for having a nemesis.

having a nemesis makes you work harder. a good nemesis should keep you up at night, while you try to outwit and outsmart them. a good nemesis should make you go to the Virgin Active every day, so you can be thinner or more buff than them. a good nemesis should keep your shoes clean, so you don’t look like shit when you appear next to them on a gameshow they’ve devised to make you look dumb.

i’m looking for a new nemesis. steve jobs had bill gates. who have i got? ppl who hate britney spears? ppl who forward around the Virgin Airlines ‘best complaint letter ever’ (for real? is it really so very funny?)? feeling rather thin on the nemesis front. sometimes i like to have a nemesis as a boss, because it makes you want to ‘prove them wrong’. but i like my boss. she believes in me. a nemesis should never believe in you. fear you, intimidate you, threaten you, maybe – but never believe in you.

that local politician who keeps singing that song about a machine gun used to be my nemesis, but he’s probably dying of AIDS, and that’s no fair. not sure why everyone’s so scared of him becoming president, because he’ll die of AIDS eventually (he doesn’t use condoms and sleeps with chicks who are HIV +).  it’s not very sporty to have a nemesis who is dying.

i guess in order to find my nemesis i should follow some sort of logical process and pick someone who stands against something i stand for. then i should decide what i stand for. i stand for: getting free stuff / buying stuff / having stuff bought for me / wearing cool stuff / listening to music on my various cool technological stuffs / reading about cool stuff / making cool stuff / running / dissing facebook.

now if i flip this and line up all the opposites, my nemesis should become immediately apparent. and my nemesis is…

stupid. clearly. who doesn’t like cool stuff? not sure that this is the most effective way of establishing a nemesis.

i’ll think about this over the weekend, and get back to y’ulle on monday. feel like whomever i choose as my nemesis will have a big impact on my personal brand.

2 responses to “there’s a lot to be said for having a nemesis.

  1. Hi – Think we are looking for the same nemesis!

  2. aspirantlocavore

    hi alex, i’ve known you for years.
    i think i (or perhaps the entire environmental movement) should be your nemesis.

    reason: your desire for ‘stuff’ is the antithesis of the environmental movement. i am sure you are aware that much of the ‘stuff’ you like and ‘stuff’ you sell people everyday through your job is non-essential (i.e. it’s ‘wants’, not ‘needs’). most of it is made from products (i.e. plastics) which are energy intensive throughout the production process, not recyclable and most of it ends up in landfills.

    so, if you like, i could be your nemesis. however, it may be more inspiring to you to choose a slightly more hardcore nemesis (i’m smallfry). i would suggest the International Panel on Sustainable Resource Management ( This is a group of superhardcore scientists/academics etc who are looking at ways to reduce our consumption.

    let me know what you think 😉

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