y’ulle. you’re too kind.

been getting a lot of good mails lately. am glad my insight into who-mans resonates and shizz. sure means a lot to me to have the approval of people i will probably never meet because i am richer than them, and am backed by big-name brands.

some of y’ulle have questions, which i’ll try to answer here.

Q: Hey Alex. What year were you at AAA? I was in So-and-So’s year. They say you were a legend.

A: I wasn’t at AAA. I went to the blue and orange school of spellcasting and wizardy. That was back when advertising was still ‘magic’. Times have changed, but the dark arts have not. I don’t know your friend, but they are right about me being a legend.

Q: Hey Alex. You probably think you’re the only person who knows about ffffffffffound.com. Is this true?

A: Congratulations. You have fffffound me out. Being your average office-dwelling creative, I really did think I was the only person who knew about ffffound. But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep linking images to impress my mom.

Q: Hey Alex. Are you for real about not wanting to sign the petition against the Western Cape Liquor Bill?

A: No. I just wanna partay. I wanna do shots at Neighborhood and then have sex with AFDA. This is what I wish for my life. I am ambitious. I am special. I am unique. I am terribly funny and interesting. I have lived in Cape Town my whole life. I am from a small town, but now I am somebody. I am drunk. I am singing the song, thinking this is the life. I am pumping the new Franz Ferdinand. Come let’s get high. I am complex. Let’s have a drink and talk it out. I am wearing pants that squash my balls. I am no longer taking the pill because ‘it’s unnatural’. I am posing against a wall at Evol. We are all in this together.  This is a genuine experience. This is now – forever.

Q: Hey Alex. Sometimes I think you’re really clever. And sometimes I think you’re really stupid. So which one is it?

A: I’m really stupid. You shouldn’t take me seriously. I eat my own hair.

Q: Hey Alex. You’re really hot and really funny. Just wanted you to know that it’s rare to find a girl with both those qualities.

A: Thanks.


A treat for y’ulle: my new hairstyle, courtesy of Dieter at Furr Hair, Wembley Square. Am super happy with it.

Thanks Dieter.

Thanks Dieter.

One response to “y’ulle. you’re too kind.

  1. Alex. New hair looks…dare i say it… awesome!

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