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Free Radness Inside: The Unboxing of the Macbook


Free camera that came with Macbook.

Free camera that came with Macbook.

mmm. dig getting to experience a CCR (Cult Consumer Ritual – mine) for first hand, espesh one that I’ve spoken about so often in focus groups and paradigm-shifting-strategic-brand-alignment-brainstorm-preprod-review-workshops: opening a macbook.


Happy time. Happy times are here.

Happy time. Happy times are here.

was totally rad getting a free camera, even though it’s a cheap piece of honky tonk. still – free camera – hello? talk about value-add. 

Happy times. Never ending.

Happy times. Never ending.

living la vida lecturer

today I gave a presentation on The Search for the Levi’s Photographer project we ran, as a case study in big corporates using social media, for the Nomadic Marketing course at the UCT Graduate School of Business. big steps for someone who’s not exactly ‘in love’ with academia, but I did it as a favour for Dave Duarte who seems very much a doing academic, so it wasn’t bad at all. plus they gave me a book voucher, which I’m going to spend on the last installment of Stephanie Meyer’s series, Breaking Dawn. Can’t wait.

anyway, i’ve uploaded a copy of the presentation i gave, even though the real content was delivered in my speech rather than my slides, but it’s here anyway, F.Y.I.

Nemesis Found (thanks Richard).

kind of still in shock that a breed of dog like this actually exists. We call her “Minidog”.

Can you handle it? (Yes quite easily, it weighs less than an apple)

Can you handle it? (Yes quite easily, it weighs less than an apple)

My mind has been opened. Went to Richard’s last night and met his flatmate’s dog, Mika. She is a bona fide chihuahua (I’ve never been this close to one before).



Richard’s quite a big guy, which makes him and minidog a funny but totally cool pair of friends (she adores him, although she is slightly scared of him, and everything in the world).

Best friends 4 eva.

Best friends 4 eva.

She warmed up to me after I managed to catch her and squish her until she was physically warm (she shivers a lot – the general world fear).

A snack for later.

A snack for later.


This has been doing the email rounds. Doesn’t it conjure the grossness?

Dont really want to think too hard about it.

Don't really want to think too hard about it.

the new maths

Click for more.

Click for more.


more to come later.

this one time (at brand camp)

We made hats and we lived the brand/

We made hats and we 'lived the brand'/

I’m going to go to brand camp
i’m going to room with my account manager
we are going to ‘break boundaries’
between creative and suits
we are going to make it about the work
we are going to live the brand (at brand camp)

we are going to catch each other
and build physical trust
that will translate into superior  advertising (Grand Clio Loerie Lion Prix)
happier volume-driven clients
and a richer boss with a better car (R8)
the brand will live through us (at brand camp)

going to go to brand camp
going to ‘overdo it a little’ at dinner
going to confide in my boss about how I went to therapy for cutting myself
and in the heat of the moment believe we have ‘transcended the system’
but just pretend it never happened in the morning
and sit on the opposite sides of the bus (leaving brand camp)

going to go away to brand camp
going to ‘workshop brand messaging’
and ‘redefine strategic parameters’
going to outline an ‘actionable plan’ with which to ‘penetrate the market’
going to draw a lot of diagrams on big white sheets of paper
and tear them off and stick them on the walls (at brand camp)

going to go away to brand camp
going to get flirty with someone inappropriate
and play down his marriage
so I can get a promotion, or just not get retrenched

going to go away to brand camp
going to find myself through the brand
going to live the brand
and let the brand live through me
going to discover myself at brand camp
that one time (at brand camp).

what’s been keeping me from the blog


Head of the Lion.

Head of the Lion.

and this:

More head of lion, with Rei and Jennys Yashica (we are using it Jen!)

More head of lion, with Rei and Jenny's Yashica (we are using it Jen!)

and walking along the promenade in Sea Point with my mom:

Polaroid 3s Janis.

Polaroid <3s Janis.

and wearing a white dress and frolicking:

Frolicking by the sea.

Frolicking by the sea.

Been getting perspective, y’ulle. Getting out of the ‘blog voice’ and into the non-cynical, tongue-out-of-cheek ‘Alex voice’. If there is such a thing. Also been getting crafty with the team with paper on a super awesome branding project. Here’s a sneak peak:

Paper love.

Paper love.

So now you know. Sorry y’ulle. Will be back soon.

Snickers snicker at missed opportunity

Lollers – If only Bar One’s ads didn’t always feature firemen. The Snickers peeps here are seen helping out the firefighters during last week’s mad fires.

Bar None

Bar None

Dalai Lama Ban: a SWOT analysis

Sad Lama.

A Banned Lama is a Sad Lama.

Southafricanland’s in trouble now. Bet y’ulle in government didn’t think you could make EVERYONE in the whole country hate you. Just a general question: why are we China’s bitch? Don’t we have a cheap (desperate) workforce? Is this because of that one CD who has a Chinese girlfriend?

Is THIS why we refused entry to the most chilled dude around?

Is THIS why we refused entry to the most chilled dude around?

The results of in-depth SWOT Analysis on SouthafricanBrand right now:


– we have sunny weather
– we have lots of mountains
– we have lots of sea
– Desmond Tutu

– nobody likes us, including ourselves (might self-harm, keep on suicide watch), also have an immortal enemy now
– low national self-esteem
– lots of LSM 0 – 5 (ie. Lots of people hating everything because they R hungry and also, not many blogs bcoz not many ppl can put an education on the table)
– all the educated ppl going to Australasia / LDN to achieve ‘self-actualisation’
– lots of AIDS (ie. Dying ppl who are hating and hungry and didn’t learn about self-actualisation at the school they never went to)
– bounced the Dalai Lama. Stupid stupid stupid. ie. Can be concluded that Zuma is NOT president but the president of China, Mao Tse Tsung, is actually our president.

– Pop Idols
– Who wants 2 B a Millionaire
– Noot vir Noot
– Jika Majika

– Mao Tse Tsung
– Kanye West (he’s coming, and when he does y’ulle in government are gonna cry)
more AIDS



In conclusion.

In conclusion.

To conclude. The study. To conclude it.

To conclude. The study. To conclude it.


SouthafricanBrand equity is at an all-time low. It’s time to do some viral marketing. Need to create ‘positive buzz’. Maybe the ANC should start a ‘vlog’ pretending to be a bunch of rly happy South Africans, who want a PSP for Xmas hence love China hence hate the DL. Or maybe ‘release an apology’. Is pretty dumb to piss off an immortal. Have y’ulle learned nothing from Twilight? IMMORTALS ARE DEADLY. They will kill you. They never forget.

Am hot, will kill you.

Am hot, will kill you.

Please forgive us Dalai. I am a consumer of your philosophies. I would have let you in, but us Southafricanlanders are prisoners. FREE SOUTH AFRICA. FREE MANDELA (ii).

Violated by Mr Price.

it wasn’t the best weekend, i’ll be honest. i took a few blows. the first blow came when i found out i wasn’t a finalist in the SA blog awards (rough). and literally minutes – minutes – after the nice lady at the suicide hotline had talked me out of ‘the easy way out’, i got what i can only describe as being a complete violation of my soul in the form of a Singing, Talking Mr Price Text Message.

this is not a joke. this is not some smarmy material I’ve invented for the sake of ‘interesting reading’. my phone bleeped normally, as if it were just another text message from FNB telling me someone had dropped another mil into my account, when my phone notched its volume up 5 levels and started telling me about ‘great deals’, ‘getting it’ and ‘account’.

needless to say, i had a complete meltdown.
not sure what i ever did to deserve this kind of violation. this kind of pain.

Mr Price - touching me in my special place.

Mr Price - touching me in my special place.

i dropped my phone and ran to the 24 hr engen & ate imported toffees until the police lady with the nice doggy came and walked me home.

Really Mr Price? Are you really okay with making me feel like this?
Hate life.

Psychographic Profile: I am a copywriter.

Take me seriously, pls. - copywriter

"Take me seriously, pls." - a copywriter

I am a copywriter.
I am just doing this for now, until I
finish my book / record my album / someone picks up on my blog and makes me a presenter on a travel show.
I can do many things besides write
I subject my friends to my guitar / singing / painting / surfing
But I can’t do anything quite as well as I can write
Which is half a disappointment
And half a point of pride.

Wish I didnt know so much about the nature of humanity. - a copywriter

"Wish I didn't know so much about the nature of humanity." - a copywriter

I am a copywriter
I can quote chunks out of cult movies and books by Paul Arden
I update my favourite books on facebook
(Unlike journalists, I love Margaret Atwood because I never studied English at university)
I didn’t really study much at all but
I have a know-it-all air about me which some people love
And some people hate
But I’m not here to make friends
And I don’t get lonely
Because I don’t really like people very much
Because I ‘know too much about the world’.

Were all just monkeys. - A copywriter

“We’re all just monkeys.” – A copywriter

I am a copywriter
I never finish any of the expensive notebooks I buy
Sometimes I don’t start the new ones
Even though I buy a new one like, twice a month
Some of them look real pretty but are difficult to write in
Because they are almost too pretty
(I will basically find a million different excuses for why I can’t write, unless
I’m writing to a brief).

Just trying to think the opposite of whatever Im thinking. - a copywriter

"Just trying to think the opposite of whatever I'm thinking." - a copywriter

I am a copywriter
I am my own worst enemy
I am brimming with potential
But all I can do is get drunk / stoned / eat takeout until I’m sedated
while I ignore my phone and the doorbell
And watch mini series
And talk about ‘how well they are written’.

Im going to make myself some tea and then get a solid chapter in. - a copywriter

"I'm going to make myself some tea and then get a solid chapter in." - a copywriter

I am a copywriter
Deep down inside I really believe I can solve the world’s problems
(I could even be the president)
Even though I can’t quit smoking 20 cigarettes a day
Nor can I quite shake that weird neurosis I developed as a teenager that my parents are too embarrassed to bring up
So we all pretend it wasn’t  real.

A copywriters dog.

A copywriter's dog.

I am a copywriter
I type a lot so my colleagues think I am working
I annoy my art director because I type loud
Because I type hard
But I’m mostly commenting on forums / blogging / microblogging on twitter / skyping other copywriters
Chatting about my plans to finish my book / record my album / get my blog ‘out there’

Some day the world will see me for the genius I am. - a copywriter

"Some day the world will see me for the genius I am." - a copywriter

I am a copywriter
But just for now.

A tribute to Space Bat.

Because a bat who launches himself into space deserves to be remembered.

Because not everyone believes as much in their personal branding strategy as Space Bat.

Because should you be so lucky to know a bat like this in your lifetime, you should get down on your knees and prays the lawd.

Space Bat: We Salute You.

The Client Special – Episode 1: How to approve a great idea.

It must be tough being a client because if you’re with a cool agency, you’re likely to be bombarded with great ideas. i’m talking snowstorm here – ‘great ideas to the left of me, brilliant ideas to the right, here i am, stuck in the middle with you.’

“if i were a client /even just 4 a day / i’d roll out of bed in the morning / and put on what i wanted and go” – Beyonce “Just-Another-Art-Director-Who-Wishes-She-Was-A-Popstar” Knowles

so after lots of thought, i have been collecting methods to make approval of ideas easier for clients. most of these methods have been tried and tested, although some of them are based purely on assumption and some are complete bullshit that I have fabricated to help me ‘deal with reality’. I will  be releasing “The Client Special – How To Approve A Great Idea’ on a weekly basis, almost like a ‘Magazine Show Blog Post’ aimed at creatives who aspire to eventually cross into Mordor and ultimately end up as brand managers.

It’s also for clients who need guidance when it comes to choosing from a whole lot of great ideas, with maybe some crap ideas mixed in there.

Pls note I cannot be held responsible for any bad advertising, tho will gladly take credit when you win at OneGoldShowPencilEagleLoerie Awards.

******************************GET READY YO**********************************************

Ad Approval Method #1: What does your cat think?

We all know that asking your kid / husband / wife / gran what they think of a campaign idea is a no-no, because of the dreaded ‘Sample of 1’ rule. But asking your cat is totally different. Cats are more intuitive. They are very picky, unlike your husband. The best way to ask your cat’s advice is to lay all the printouts from the agency all over the floor, and leave the room for a bit. Come back in 15 minutes and see which one the cat has decided to sleep on. That’s the idea that’s going to turn your business around.

(One of those solutions that seems so obvious in retrospect, right?)

VW Citi Golf Campaign: Recessionista

Brings the funny.

Brings the funny.

i likes it. plus it was done by my pals Cuan and Jen at Ogilvy.