Psychographic Profile: I am in LOVE with great ideas.

Hi, I’m a creative who works in advertising
My work is mediocre – not bad, but not amazing –
but I often miss my deadlines
so I have invented this crazy zany advertising persona
(I’m a meta-creative)
so people think I am an advertising genius.
I talk a lot about how much I love ideas,
I talk about how technology excites me and
how ‘most clients just don’t get it’.
When I go for interviews, I pretend that money doesn’t matter
because I ‘live and breathe ideas’.
Some ppl are fooled
Some are not
Just gotta take your chances.

Imaginising a great idea.

Imaginising a great idea.

I am a crazy-idea-obsessed-imaginator
I recently discovered the internet so
I spend a lot of time talking really loudly about programs and sites that most people already know about
but I am so loud that everyone who doesn’t know about them
thinks that I discovered them first.
I like to pick a controversial opinion
and subject people to it at every opportunity
doesn’t matter what it is
just as long as I am disseminating my opinions
that I read on some marketing blog

I am a zany imaginationista
I have a blog about ideas that I started 3 years ago
I haven’t posted on it for 2 yrs 6 months
but I still put it on my LinkedIn profile
because it still counts (it DOES still count)



I am a kooky imagineerist
I made that title up myself
it is on my business cards
which I ordered on Flickr
I just discovered and sent it  round the office
now everyone knows about it
and everyone knows I knew about it first
if I could, I would write ‘First!!1’ under everything in the office
including the hot secretary at the front desk
(she’ll never tell, but everyone knows)

So much to think about.

So much to think about.

I am a trippy imaginator
I customise my clothes / laptop / laptop bag / trainers
I wear badges with abstract type on them
And the logos from my favourite cartoons when I was a kid

Great ideas. Running through my brain. Cant stop. Like a hurricane.

Great ideas. Running through my brain. Can't stop. Like a hurricane.

I am a mad imaginoodle
And I am in LOVE with new ideas.

3 responses to “Psychographic Profile: I am in LOVE with great ideas.

  1. Sounds like you were at a reunion for the AAA class of 2005. You forgot to add, “I carry a moleskin knock-off from Clicks, in the Design Indaba bag my Creative Director gave me three years ago, but I’m cool and unique, because I customised it with stencils and feltpen illustrations of badly imitated Takashi Murakami characters.”

  2. or stellenbosch, red and yellow, cape tech.. Those damn bags never break.

  3. i actually wasn’t at the reunion, but the idea-loving creative definitely gives the rugby jock a run for his money in terms of how many of them are out there. @pjjvr3 ❤ the insight on the Clicks moleskine.

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