a thoughtful video to make you think.

thought i’d post it before someone you know who is in LOVE with IDEAs sends it to you. it’s basically a whole bunch of statistics that someone with iMovie set to a FatBoy Slim song. It reveals that China is coming and Google is actually Christ.

sometimes i wish iMovie was still this thing no one knew about so i could make statistic movies too and wow my colleagues who still work on PC with them. i’d watch them over and over on my own while drinking Frisco and smoking weed and cigarettes. I’d conduct imaginary interviews where I’d expound upon how ‘China is coming, you know, and as a young South African it’s vital that we understand what’s going on in the world so we don’t get left behind and become globally irrelevant”.

but those days of yearning to sound like I know what I’m talking about while not having anything real to talk about are gone. no more do i pretend i’m an undiscovered genius and recite chunks of Good Will Hunting while i fantasise about being taken in by Robin Williams and getting my potential nurtured. thanks to the internet, everyone’s a genius, and i’m being forced to get by on my looks.

SUCKS to have to wear a bra so I’m not just ‘another smart strategy chick at work’.

SUCKS to have to practise gyrating in front of a mirror to Jennifer Lopez so I can attract the attention of a job (Creative Director) at the Loerie Awards after party.

SUCKS to have to wear tight jeans so the client is more captive when I present my carefully thought-out and strategically sound media plan.

SUCKS to have to brainstorm in heels because these days good ideas can come from anywhere (ie. youtube).

Miss being the sharpest tool in the shed / the full 6 pack / at home with the lights on. Being just ‘a pretty face’ is way too much work.


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