Dalai Lama Ban: a SWOT analysis

Sad Lama.

A Banned Lama is a Sad Lama.

Southafricanland’s in trouble now. Bet y’ulle in government didn’t think you could make EVERYONE in the whole country hate you. Just a general question: why are we China’s bitch? Don’t we have a cheap (desperate) workforce? Is this because of that one CD who has a Chinese girlfriend?

Is THIS why we refused entry to the most chilled dude around?

Is THIS why we refused entry to the most chilled dude around?

The results of in-depth SWOT Analysis on SouthafricanBrand right now:


– we have sunny weather
– we have lots of mountains
– we have lots of sea
– Desmond Tutu

– nobody likes us, including ourselves (might self-harm, keep on suicide watch), also have an immortal enemy now
– low national self-esteem
– lots of LSM 0 – 5 (ie. Lots of people hating everything because they R hungry and also, not many blogs bcoz not many ppl can put an education on the table)
– all the educated ppl going to Australasia / LDN to achieve ‘self-actualisation’
– lots of AIDS (ie. Dying ppl who are hating and hungry and didn’t learn about self-actualisation at the school they never went to)
– bounced the Dalai Lama. Stupid stupid stupid. ie. Can be concluded that Zuma is NOT president but the president of China, Mao Tse Tsung, is actually our president.

– Pop Idols
– Who wants 2 B a Millionaire
– Noot vir Noot
– Jika Majika

– Mao Tse Tsung
– Kanye West (he’s coming, and when he does y’ulle in government are gonna cry)
more AIDS



In conclusion.

In conclusion.

To conclude. The study. To conclude it.

To conclude. The study. To conclude it.


SouthafricanBrand equity is at an all-time low. It’s time to do some viral marketing. Need to create ‘positive buzz’. Maybe the ANC should start a ‘vlog’ pretending to be a bunch of rly happy South Africans, who want a PSP for Xmas hence love China hence hate the DL. Or maybe ‘release an apology’. Is pretty dumb to piss off an immortal. Have y’ulle learned nothing from Twilight? IMMORTALS ARE DEADLY. They will kill you. They never forget.

Am hot, will kill you.

Am hot, will kill you.

Please forgive us Dalai. I am a consumer of your philosophies. I would have let you in, but us Southafricanlanders are prisoners. FREE SOUTH AFRICA. FREE MANDELA (ii).


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