friday night in the city

had a good Friday night. started off at the SA Blog Awards at Chevelle in Harrington Street. it was mad hot and sweaty but enjoyable no less. saw thecopyninja there, his blog, Pleasefindthis, won Best Photographic Blog. we clapped loudly, clutching out vitamin waters. 2oceansvibe won pretty much every other category. and then i got hit in the head by a flying t-shirt. good times.

Thecopyninja accepts his award.

Thecopyninja accepts his award.

then i wormed my way through the throngs of bitches in thongs in the VIP section to Seth from 2oceansvibe, and proceeded to have the following conversation with him:

Me: Hi, my name’s Alex. I just want to say well done on winning everything and to thank you for adding me to your blog roll – that’s nice of you.

Seth: Oh, what’s your blog called?


Seth: Oh yes, I like your blog. You write about your life as a copywriter, and your cat and stuff. Very funny.

Me: Thanks. It’s not my cat.

Seth: I loved what they said in the speech.

Me: What? Oh when you won that award and you didn’t know what it was for?

Seth: Oh did they?

And then it got too confusing and I had to ran away. But not before I got a photo:

Seth and me, confusing each other.

Seth and me, confusing each other while the Rat King looks on.

Then Rei, thecopyninja and I went through to Kink for Jen’s birthday. There were cupcakes.



Cuan and Rob.

Cuan and Rob.



There was also a disgruntled neighbour who kept throwing eggs over the wall to protest how fun our party was. Some people … (it was 10pm). After getting egg on my foot AND getting hit in the face by a flying t-shirt, it was time to leave. But not before i took a picture of myself in the Kink bathrooms, which are covered in ‘planned graffiti’ which says things like ‘Take me from behind’. Mm. Happy Times y’all.



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