am i the only person who sees this?

okay y’ulle. i’m going to just go out and say this. He Who Shall Not Be Named is NOT a president. he is a pop star. remember way back in 2007 when Britney Spears (bless) went crazy? first she shaved her head, then she bashed up a van with an umbrella, then she kidnapped her own kid topless, then she wore no-pants a lot, then she hooked up with a paparazzi, then she shouted ‘Eat it, Snort it, Lick it, Fuck it!’ randomly between custody hearings, then she…

Bring Me My Umbrella.

Bring Me My Umbrella.

do y’ulle see what i’m getting at here? we’ve all just made a mistake. He Who Shall Not Be Named should be offered a 5 record and tour deal, and all the brand endorsements he can handle, leaving the title of ‘President’ open to someone a little less, well, eccentric.

Misplaced, Misunderstood.

Misplaced, Misunderstood.

makes sense, no? plus then he can focus on some new material, not that lame old ditty about his Machine Gun. I mean, Machine Gun. FFS.


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