i think i’ve found my Loeries Stage Gimmick

Bubbles. BUBBLES.

Bubbles. BUBBLES.

a bubble dress. can you handle it. am falling more in ❤ with Lady Gaga every day. wish i could go back in time to the agency xmas party and exchange my Amy Winehouse outfit for something more like one of these:


3 responses to “i think i’ve found my Loeries Stage Gimmick

  1. Yikes, Lady Gaga is one hot tranny mess! Don’t mean to be a hater or anything, but why is everyone SO ‘jags’ for this chick. Is it her faux-electro, tinny, pseudo dance music, her penchant for a double dip at the tanning salon or her inability to find pants? Nee sies, sit weg! Okay, so I’m a hater…

  2. Those are the exact reasons. Even though I don’t like Lady Gaga’s music so much, here styles and general way of going about things is awesome. In a way, it makes my nipples hard.

  3. Lady G does the exact opposite to me and causes my balls to retract into my body (aka an ‘innie’)…So basically she’s Lindsay Lohan (LiLo’s already released two tinny albums), but with a bad wig. At least Lilo’s was in the awesomeness known as Mean Girls! Either way, high 5 to the woman for knocking off a Hussein Chayalan dress and making it even more ridiculous!

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