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voting special: MyBrandedVoteTM

Nandos work by Black River JHB (thanks @thecopyninja)

Nando's work by Black River JHB (thanks @thecopyninja)

Nando’s goodness (via 10and5), not forgetting this ad ripping of Julius Malema (head of the ANC Youth League, famous for using Hitler as inspiration for his personal brand).

That’s apparently done by a small agency called Stick. URL anyone? We’re still waiting for Julius Malema to ‘take militant action’ against Nando’s.  And then there’s this fantastic collection of election posters also at 10and5 (check it out, it’s hilarious) where you can see this ‘good shepherd’:

I need a hug.

"I need a hug."

and many many more, all here.

i wish life was like the new Lacoste website.

i wish life was crazy, crazy, crazy.

I wish life was mad.

I wish life was about preparing oneself to dance.

Getting up in the morning would be easy if all you had to do was float on amidst cute little crocodiles and hot friends.

Life is nothing like that, but at least i have something crazy, mad and floaty to aspire to. At least I have purpose. Thank you Lacoste. See the full site here.

photoshop disasters

it could happen to you. bummer if you spot any of your work here.

Nice, erm, shoulder pads.

Nice, erm, shoulder pads.

thanks @spoOky.

elections on wednesday

don’t forget to vote lovelies.

get an ANC poster template here. thanks @coda

more BADvertising: that weird slutty Huggies baby

If you live or work in town you must have driven past this billboard at least once.

Just. Plain. Wrong.

Just. Plain. Wrong.

What do y’all think? My friend Lauren wrote this article over on her blog which sums up exactly how I feel about it. Ew. Gives me shivers every time I look at it.

UPDATE: Looks like Lauren and I aren’t the only ones with shivers. Chris Roper also doesn’t dig it.

BADvertising: a kick at the Balls.

Hey y’ulle. So I bet you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for ‘the big reveal’ to the National Skirt Extension Project. Chomping at the bit and all that (has any teaser campaign ever actually worked and not come off as something vague and slightly annoying?). So turns out it was Mrs Balls Chutney who did the National Skirt Extension Project initiative. Surprise.

The ‘thinking’ behind it is that you shouldn’t change something that doesn’t need changing.

I guess it would mean a whole lot more if they actually referred to food (Mrs Balls  Chutney is a classic South African condiment. Not a clothing brand. Or a woman’s interest magazine. A condiment.). Instead, they spent a LOT of money talking about shortening the skirt on the classic Ladies’ Room sign, banking on a big ‘ahhhhh’ when all was revealed.

I’m just going to say 2 things:

1. Women get brutally beaten all the time for wearing skirts that some men deem ‘too short’ – this kind of discrimination is rampant in this country, if not condoned by everyone. So it’s tasteless in the same way those dodgy Huggies billboards that show babies dressed up like whores is tasteless coz South African men seem to have a child-rape predilection, too.


Seriously. No one.

Seriously. No one.

Anti-climax huh? The brand kind of comes off as a  wanker, don’t you think? The details:

psychographic profile: i am a white South African

I am a white South African.
This makes it my duty to a) complain and
b) complain about whatever’s done in response to my complaints.
I have a blog, and a twitter page, and a small audience. I am an ‘influencer’.
So I feel the need to influence, but also, to point out how refined,
educated and intellectuarllll I am.

I am a white South African and even though I,
like most educated people in this country,
am petrified of He Who Shall Not Be Named becoming President,
I’m not going to go right out and say it because that would not be very
politically correct, progressive or liberal.
(also it would be laaaaank obvious bro, need to ‘be special’).
Instead I will complain about ‘government’ as an homogeneous mass
and focus my complaints on white people in government
so my white friends understand just how liberal and progressive I am.

I am a white South African,
Maintaining my positioning as liberal is highly NB,
because my white friends believe that if you are not liberal, you are racist
and there are no grey areas in between.
My educated black friends LOL at me behind my back,
but mostly they pity me and my suppressed fear,
and send me digital snaps from London, where they have moved,
which I complain about,
because if black people are moving overseas,
then things must be bad.

I am a white South African,
I am paranoid about coming across as racist
because we have the sins of our “fathers” forced on us
all the time by our scapegoat-loving government and its
sycophantic media,
even though most of our fathers were actually against Apartheid,
but they had as much choice then
as we do now when it comes to policy (ie. No choice)
but you can bet your lobola
that I’m going to complain about it.

I am a white South African
(and proudly so)
and I’m going to complain
and through my interlektuarll complaining
I’m going to be superior to my fellow men
(who will complain about my complaints because they are as scared as me)
but I’m going to complain with pride
because I am a South African
And this is my home
and I don’t want to leave this country to complain somewhere else
I want to feel safe when I complain down the streets
and I want my children to feel safe about complaining while they play
I want women to feel that they can complain without suffering abuse
or discrimination

I am a white South African
even though South Africa’s a political mess
I’m going to stay and fight for my right to complain in the country of my birth.

I shall complain about the beaches
I shall complain about the landing grounds
I shall complain about the fields and the streets
I shall complain about the hills
and I shall never surrender