one of history’s greatest entertainers

Lady Gaga continues to blow my mind. Here’s her latest video for song Paparazzi. And for those of you chasing fame (you know who you are) let this be a warning.

6 responses to “one of history’s greatest entertainers

  1. She’s “blows”, that’s for sure, but “one of history‚Äôs greatest entertainers”? Mmm, not sure about that…she’s only released one album and although she’s extremely gifted at writing songs that sound like polyphonic ringtones and has a taco that can wither arctic temperatures (honestly, when has she ever worn pants?) I’d hardly put her in that category. But hey, more power to her, somehow she’s managed to make her big ole thighs and her mediocre looks work by camping it up with some project runway outfits and a clown wig and selling it to the amorphous mass of Britney fans.

  2. not wither, I mean withstand…

  3. @pjjvr3 Lady Gaga is the queen of the world. Best you bow down now before her taco makes you. I’d advise you pleasantly to ‘sleep with one eye open’.

  4. thankfully I have a “pokerface”, so my one eye is always open…I think she’s just “bluffin with her muffin”.

  5. LOL. which is probably better than her ‘stunnin you with her love glue-gunnin’ you.

  6. I fold…

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