Daily Archives: June 11, 2009

Psychographic Profile: I am on Holiday

I am on holiday
Going to take long leisurely runs
Followed by long leisurely massages
Followed by long leisurely lunches
During which I won’t overeat because I’m vaguely tense about some deadline
Which I’ll procrastinate against because the internet exists
And what more of a reason do you need.

I am on holiday
A tiny holiday, really only 5 days
But I’ll savour it like an extra Lindt chocolate with my double mucho Meie de Leit
from the Vida e barristas
Who were feeling extra generous this morning
Or maybe they just feel sorry for me
Because I am there every day.

I am on holiday
Not going to blog, facebook, but maybe tweet
But probably not
Not going to write a load of garbled psychographic marketing poetry
To amuse the other marketers procrastinating against their deadlines
Because I don’t give a rat’s ass
Because I am on holiday.

See y’ulle in a week.