Should I eat of the Moonfruit?

I’m a human. A social being. So whenever other humans do something, I get all frenzied and scared I’m missing out and am sure to copy them right away, and then do my research on the topic later. Right now everyone’s hash-tagging #moonfruit in their tweets, which is kind of like forwarding that mail about penis enlargement to all your friends. Love it when my friends spam me. Makes me feel closer to them.

Just want 2 win a MacBook Pro. Will basically do anything for Mac products.

Just want 2 win a MacBook Pro. Will basically do anything for Mac products.

Should I hashtag moonfruit? What is a moonfruit? Sounds like something Alanis Morissette would use to describe her vajayjay. Does hash-tagging a brand on twitter have a negative effect on your personal brand? I kind of think it makes ppl look ‘desperate’ and poor, not rly the kind of ppl I would choose to win my competition (oh did I say it was a lucky draw? Oops).

Howling at the moonfruit.

Howling at the moonfruit.

I guess ppl who hash-tag to enter competitions see poverty as being a glam part of their personal brands. Much like the ppl who drop out of college and get jobs at Royale see waittressing and ‘struggling through life’ as glam. I think the poverty-as-glam trend is a negative trend, because the truth is that we are in a recession, and we should be aspiring to more. Dunno. Just a thought.

The MoonFruitDanceTM

The MoonFruitDanceTM

“And the dogs were barking at the new moonfruit

whistling a new tune

hoping it would come soon

so that they could die.”

–    Nelly Retardo, popculture embracifist


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