Daily Archives: August 3, 2009

Is Swineflu the new Crocs?

Wonder if they will send me home from work if i wear Crox.

Wonder if they will send me home from work if i wear Crox.

So eeeeeeveryone in gladvertising is buzzing about Swineflu – ‘did you hear? Ogilvy has 2 cases’ – etc etc. Makes me wonder why nobody learnt their lesson through Crocs / Von Zipper (the quicker the rise of a fad brand the harder the fall). Hope Swineflu’s marketing team realise that they may be getting loads of attention now, but in a month or so nobody will give a shit about your illness, just like what happened to AIDS / HIV / Ed Hardy, or they will be making jokes about your virus.

Cover your eyes when viewing to prevent contamination.

Cover your eyes when viewing to prevent contamination.

Hope the rest of y’ulle innovators are ‘spotting the opportunity’ in this ‘crisis’ (hey remember the Red Bull-cocaine ‘crisis’? Apparently they sold double what they normally do while it was peaking). There are loads of opps for smarty pants out there, for example, ‘getting the Swineflu’ (10 days off work no questions asked), ‘saying you think you’re getting Swineflu’ (getting sent home by para boss), ‘staying home in case you get the Swineflu from work’ (if you work at Ogilvy), ‘making viral ads’ (if you work anywhere else).

edible baby alert

y’ulle know how it works right? women go through various stages of ‘being broody’. basically if you can make it past the age of 25 without falling pregnant (is quite a feat in this country, you may have heard), you’ll probably have another 3 solid years of being grateful not to have a baby. during the 3 years before you move onto the next stage of broody (more about that later), how you relate to babies is not so much in a maternal, want-to-nurture way, but is rather in an i-want-to-eat-it way. in short, the more I want to eat my friend’s babies, the more I like them. and the idea of snacking on their fat little arms and bellies. babies that do not make me hungry just annoy me. For someone in-between phases of broodiness, babies have to earn their relevance in my world by disgusing themselves as a food type. one such edible baby is this sproglett spawn of friends Lauren Beukes & Matt Brown. young Keitu stomped and crawled around my flat on Saturday. luckily her parents were around or it might have been Baby Salad.

Chew. Its. Face.

Chew. It's. Face.

Don’t you love the 70s top? (I bought it for her. Just needs rollerskates now).

wish i could stay in hospital 4 eva

Why living at Medi-Clinic Cape Town is better than living in my (very rad, but let’s face it, not nearly as service-orientated) flat:

– they gave me my own private room with a view of the city and an en-suite bathroom

– people kept asking me ‘how i was’ and whether i ‘need anything’ and fluffing up my pillows

– they brought me food and drink when I wanted it and rolled me around on a bed

Like, the best! I could get used to that. Also super pleased with my brain implant, which now allows me to ‘Blog Just By Thinking’ (BJBT). Which is exactly what I’m doing right. now. While you let that wash over you, do spare a moment for a LOL-filled interview with Our Lady Gaga, who talks about monsters, playgirls and how her sex does NOT distract from her music. LOVE the purple horn hair. Want it. Can someone hook me up? <your ad here>