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Should I have won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Winners. Fierce.

Winners. Fierce.

As some of y’all know,  I’m quite a ‘winner’. I won a trip to Egypt yesterday (thank you Travelstart).  Just this year I have won an iPhone (thanks 2oceansvibe), a Gold Loerie (thanks to advertising), 100 Euro in the lottery (thanks Euromillions), a MiMoney voucher (thanks MiMoney), and now a ticket to Cairo. Don’t think I don’t know what y’all are thinking: Should I have won the Nobel Prize?

Barrys Beyonce-at-the-VMAs moment

Barry's Beyonce-at-the-VMA's moment

Would have been a ‘nice surprise’ since world peace and shizzle isn’t really my vibe but that’s cool. Figure it can’t be too diff from winning an iPhone in that ‘rad-my-life-is-kiff’ kind of way.

Do y’ulz think I’d make a good Nobel Peace Prize winner? Would be rad coz i could hang with De Klerk and Mandelabro and Tutu and now Bamarama. We could ‘drink Johnnie Blue’ and reminisce about ‘the struggles’ and ‘the triumph of the human spirit’. We could shoot the shit and fight over who plays us in our biopics. could add them all on facebook on the iPhone i won and keep deleting any recent activity that stops our new friendships from being at the top of my wall.

Dunno y’ulz. Rly think i should have won it. was probably ‘rigged’. happy Friday y’ulz.