8 responses to “The new National Logo

  1. Well – at first, I did think it was a joke.

    Please don’t hate me for asking, but how much were the people who came up with this, paid?

    It’s a bit… ordinary. Disappointing. Obvious. Dull.

    It’s rubbish, isn’t it?

  2. Immediate reaction? Looks like a traffic sign warning of a colourful, but dangerous, curve to the right. So maybe not so far off?

  3. I’ve worked it out: To get comments you need to be relevant.

  4. comradegoodcharlie

    Looks like the end product of a bored 12 year-old’s Social Sciences assignment.

    Your blog rocks, BTW. It rocks hard.

  5. @Harry – i don’t think so, I actually changed the comment setting. Trying something new y’alls.

    @comradegoodcharlie thanks yo!

  6. Reminds me of one of those colourful chalkboards that people put outside the shop and write their specials on.

    South Africa, now on special…

  7. @Gerard – nail – head. Couldn’t agree more!

    Alex, surely by now you have some governmental sway? FIX IT!

  8. Where is this new logo being used Alex?

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