Reading Comprehension Test

Hey y’ulz. Read this thrillsome interview with me and answer the following questions based on what you learnt:

1. What is my favourite colour?

2. What is my favourite food?

3. Team Edward or Team Jacob?

4. Am I in love with Eric Northman?

5. Do I prefer chunky or smooth peanut butter?

6. Am I a cat or a dog person?

7. Chocolate or vanilla?

8. Should I ‘go blonde for summer’?

9. True or False: I am a hermaphrobro

10. Should I sue my parents for not getting me a CitiGolf?

Please leave your answers in the comments section. The first person to answer all 10 correctly will win ‘my love & loyalty 4 life’ as symbolised by the fern leaf I am wearing in this picture.

Y’ulz think about that now.

One response to “Reading Comprehension Test

  1. Ok, read the blog, or rather scanned it, too much going on right now, so going to take a guess, probably exactly the opposite but that’s what advertising is, pretty much a gamble, nothing is certain (check bud wassup campaign)

    1. pink
    2. chocolate
    3. team jacob
    4. no
    5. chunky
    6. cat
    7. chocolate see point 2
    8. no
    9. yes
    10. No

    5fm ads do suck and social media gurus – hated the word always will, nobody knows everything and anyone else who says they do has already displayed their ignorance and shouldn’t be heard more.

    Anyway, don’t need love or adoration, rock on of to get a steri, strawberry flavour

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