Introducing… The Blogging Gown

Y’ulz. Basically been exploding all day about my brand new Blogging Gown which I got from JT One. Can you handle this?

The Blogging Gown.

I also got HEAPS of the sexiest lingerie my l’il runner’s ass has ever been contained by, so from now on will ONLY be blogging in lingerie and The Blogging Gown. Can you picture it? No? I’ll try have some shots up by Monday. I have a feeling this will do good things for my Personal Brand.

4 responses to “Introducing… The Blogging Gown

  1. Al – I believe this may truly be a stellar move…next level stuff and of course the voyeurism angle wont hurt a bit …

  2. Absolutely! It’s about time isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Watch out. Sooner or later you might have Big Brother knocking on your door.
    Shower-blog Hour?

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