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Yalls what is Google trying 2 tell us via the Nexus One?

Y’ulz. Been thinking about Google lately. Trying to figure out whether 2 be excited about the Nexus One, and just how excited I should get. Should I get so amped about the Nexus One that I bash my head against a wall until my skull cracks like an egg and blood seeps into my kaftan that I bought at Kalk Bay because it came all squashed like a brick (packaging gimmick), like the rest of Twitter (via herd-mentality)?

Should I ALLCAPS on my twitter about ‘finally’ and ‘at last – the iPhone eater’ (via a good downfall-gawk?)

Should I RT EVERYTHING about the Nexus so that ppl who follow me (& pay my ‘social media salary’) will think I am ‘down with the latest developments in cellular technology’ and that I am ‘passionate about the future of technology’ & not just mooching off my employer 2 get cheap prozac (thanks Discovery) which I will negate via drinking anyway because I am actually gay and Prozac ‘don’t make u straight’?

Y’ulz, truth is I don’t know how to deal with the new contestant in the smartphone showdown. Just seems like I’d made peace with not wanting 2 ‘murder’ the retards who buy Blackberries over iPhones (y’alls SERIOUSLY – can we just take a moment here).

Feel like we should look closely at the Nexus. From my first inspeksh seems quite ordinary. Wasn’t ‘grabbed’ enough 2 take a second inspeksh so y’all enjoy:

2 quote gussilber,

“Wouldn’t it be nice if Google came up with a phone that didn’t look as if they’d just Googled an iPhone.”

Just another smartphone y’ulz. Is really just confusing things for us plebs. This kind of reminds of that one time when Jack Welch decided 2 ‘save GE’ (via investing more in plastics & pulling out in appliances). Does the arrival of the Nexus mean ‘Search is Dead’? Are GoogleAdWords the new ‘Book of the Dead’? What is Google trying 2 tell us y’ulz. Soooo confused. Just CANNOT comprehend why Googley would ‘branch out into hardware’.

Scared y’alls. Something is looming in the Googley distance. Miss you Jack. You’d know which phone 2 buy that would ‘see GE into the 21st century’ (via your email synched with your twitter). Maybe if u had an iPhone / BlackBurr / Nexus you could have prevented the recesh.

Should I sue myself for not buying myself a ghd sooner?

Okay. Every once in a while, I experience something that prompts me to ‘drop that stupid, irritating voice’ i use to write on my blog and ‘just get real’. The ghd Style Lounge – which i was privileged enough to attend on Friday evening – is one such brand activation which has prompted such drastic action. In all seriousness – “srsly y’all” – this event blew my mind. “O RLY?” i hear you say. “Howcome y’ulz?” I hear you say. I’ll attempt to do justice to the sheer delight that was having my makeup done by Benefit, my hair styled by 2 ghd Angels, then being styled by Accessorize and being given a remote control with which to shoot myself. Not in the foot, but on an infinity curve that had been set up, “just like a real-life photo shoot”. Oh my word. Oh my hat.

Firstly, the venue was just amazing. Roodebloem Studios in Woodstock, for those interested:

A magical wonderland.

You walked in, were greeted with a glass of Krone and a Vitamin Water, and then you went and waited with sumptuous snacks until a Benefit artist could start doing your makeup.

Sumptuous snacky treats.

Sumptuous snacky treats.

Waiting area.

Delicious product display.

More delicious product display.

Benefit's Beauty Bootcamp

The Result: Makeup by Benefit

Once you got your makeup did, you had a little more Krone before heading over to the Style Stations (see above) to have your hair done by 2 lovely ghd Angels. Since my hair is naturally straight, I asked for them to ‘get a l’il zany y’ulz’ and give me some curls and, most importantly, show me how to make curls with a ghd (Creation Mist, Hold Spray, Obedience cream and…go!). This really was revelatory to me – I had no idea you could curl with an iron. “Srsly y’ulz” – no idea.

A before photo: hair is still untouched.

Hair: a work in progress

No hair “After” pic yet because those were a part of the shoot we had on location, but I’ll upload them as soon as I get them. Once hair got did, we were taken in hand by a stylist who added a little something special to the look we were creating, to make us a little more ‘shoot ready’.

Accessories! Yay!

Getting styled. Glove love.

And then I was given the top 2 ghd products to suit my hair as recommended by one of the ghd Angels.

Miracle mist and obedience cream.

In the words of my blog:

“Srsly y’ulz – should I sue myself for not buying a GHD sooner?”

Check out all the pics from the other ghd Style Lounge activations here on facebook, or at the ghd Style Diary. PS. Benefit makeup can only be bought at Woolworths. Anyone looking to ‘treat me for xmas y’ulz’, hit me up with one of their fab products.

be like me kids… drink Stormhoek

Today is the last day of July, hence the last day I can blog about anything birthday related. Which is why I’m dragging myself out of brain-implant / transplant recovery to write about the last bottle of Stormhoek Limited Edition 2004 Guava Pinotage I got from Chris for my birthday. (Luckily I can now ‘Blog Just By Thinking thanks to new brain. rad.) I’m not a drinker (as some of you may have gathered), but reigun and 5starRich will bear witness to my having a quarter-glass of this stuff over the course of the birthday month. It’s also made my guests super happy, who normally have to choose between 5 roses tea / water / Coke Light. Plus it looks totally hot in my kitchen. So I’m thinking I’ll get some more of this stuff and keep my cabinet full. Thanks Chris 🙂

The good stuff.

The good stuff.

PS. Did you know Stormhoek is MASSIVE overseas? Yep. Last time I was in LA it’s the only wine I saw ppl drinking. PPS. Blog BFF Seth is in LA at the moment. Check out his adventures here.

iPhone handover. extreme awesomeness.

Followed by extreme torture. I have so much work to do that the official activating of the iPhone will have to wait til waaaaay later, after the mad King James party that’s going to happen this evening. Which is beyond painful, I might have you know. The human being did not evolve from the ape to experience patience. Humans evolved so they could experience instant and extreme fun. Anyway extreme and instant thanks goes to Seth over at 2oceansvibe for doing a handover this morning at vida wembley. Mark got very excited and even set up a green screen so he could do some fancy things with the video. But that will take a bit of editing, so now we just have some fancy stills.

iPhone handover at the races.

Seth and Alex with iPhone at the races.

Seth and Alex with iPhone Under da Sea.

Seth and Alex with iPhone 'Under da Sea'.

Seth and Alex with iPhone at a picnic.

Seth and Alex with iPhone at a picnic.

Seth and Alex  with iPhone and kittens.

Seth and Alex with iPhone and kittens.

And the biggest thank you of all goes to Play Euro Millions, without whom the iPhone would not be in my hands. Thanks guys. Here’s hoping I win the lottery too.

poem about liking a brand of camera

i is copywriter

i is love Lomo camera because

Lomo let me be visually cleative

without having to dO

tOo MuCh

me love Lomo

Next me buy fish-eye lens Lomo

even though art director boyfriends scorns it

Art Directors – they love HOLGAS



but still

me, copywriter,

love Lomo.

Free Radness Inside: The Unboxing of the Macbook


Free camera that came with Macbook.

Free camera that came with Macbook.

mmm. dig getting to experience a CCR (Cult Consumer Ritual – mine) for first hand, espesh one that I’ve spoken about so often in focus groups and paradigm-shifting-strategic-brand-alignment-brainstorm-preprod-review-workshops: opening a macbook.


Happy time. Happy times are here.

Happy time. Happy times are here.

was totally rad getting a free camera, even though it’s a cheap piece of honky tonk. still – free camera – hello? talk about value-add. 

Happy times. Never ending.

Happy times. Never ending.

no more PC. only Mac joy.

hello y’ulle. don’t worry i won’t pretend i was hacked for too long. i mean, not that i was pretending. i would never post something so demeaning about the man that is to be our future president. never.

anyways, got a mac. love it. as per tradition, took photo of self with photobooth. see:

I even look hotter on Macs camera.

Always hotter on a Mac.

What this means for y’ulle:

– not much.

– but it definitely will make me happier in general. more focused on the process, as opposed to the result.

– more pictures of me a la photobooth (good times, good times)

– more opportunities for me to rub my success in your face.

– more opportunities for me to pretend to be successful and have an amazing life, when in reality i live in a shoebox under the bridge on buitenkant street and i live off KFC scraps.

rad. bet nobody can’t hardly wait. see:

Total radness. Coming your way. Duck to get out of the way of the radness.

Total radness. Coming your way. Duck to get out of the way of the radness.

PS. Thanks Apple. Love ya. xx