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I am a super fucking awesome Social Media Guru

Just watch it“. Thanks Dylan.

Psychographic Profile: I am a Client Looking To Capitalise On Social Media

I am a client-looking-to-capitalise-on-social-media,
To be honest, I don’t know WTF I’m doing.
Went to some talk,
Where there was some chick,
Talking about ‘conversations not campaigns’,
She made some good points ,
She was quite hot,
Think I’m just gonna start a facebook group and ‘see how it goes’.

Back in Advertisings Heyday. Miss u

Back in 'Advertising's Heyday'. Miss u

I am a client-looking-to-capitalise-on-social-media ,
I just joined this site called ‘Twitter’.
Have y’all heard of it?
Not really sure what the point is,
It’s kind of like I’m talking to myself,
“Just trying to get the hang of this Twitter thing”.
I got my first follower today,
Some chick who sells Britney Spears Sex Tapes,
Guess everyone’s trying to ‘push their brand’ on Twitter,
Everyone’s an entrepreneur on the internet.

Hey There, Thanks for the follow!

Hey There, Thanks for the follow!

I am a client-looking-to-capitalise-on-social-media,
And I’m fucking sick of these little social media brats
Who come into my office with their ‘netbooks’,
And their “keynote”,
And their mobile marketing statistics,
And get their buddies to ‘tweet at me’,
And tell me ‘agencies don’t get digital’.
You know what agencies DO get? Sales.
These little social media brats know nothing about business,
About the bottom line,
Show me my ROI you little shits,
And then I’ll assign you a PO,
You little brat.
I’ve fucking built a branded empire,
And you’ve built a blog.
I’d buy and sell your blog tomorrow,
Except all you blog about is social-fucking-media.

Do you know who I am?

Do you know who I am?

I am a client-looking-to-capitalise-on-social-media,
But I’m not into this whole ‘logging in’ thing.
Besides facebook is blocked at my office,
Because my staff spend too much time on it
When they should be focusing on their targets.
Can’t I just pay you to do it for me?
Can’t you just start a facebook group?
Can’t I pay you to write my blog? Can’t be too much work?
Or what are these new things? ‘Fan pages’.
My son says ‘fan pages’ are the new thing.
Yes, my son keeps me up to date with this ‘social media stuff’
He’s 14, so he’s very in touch with ‘what’s cool’.
He also hates my guts so our family shrink recommended we ‘bond over his love for technology’.
Can you do my facebook page?

Sure Ill run your blog.

Sure I'll run your blog.

I am a client-looking-to-capitalise-on-social-media,
I’m sick of spending too much money on TV ads,
Only to be outdone by our competitor brands ,
Who spent double on their TV ad,
Just wanted be named the Sunday Times Markinor Marketer of the Year,
So decided 2 do a ‘viral campaign’,
Hired that Zany New Media Social Word of Marketing company,
They came up with this social media ‘touchpoint plan’,
But some chick reported us to twitter.
Said we were “spamming” her.
Guess we got a little overzealous with the DMs,
Just wanted to get to a million followers soooooo bad.

Watch me do this dance about our new offering.

Watch me do this dance about our new offering.

I am a client-looking-to-capitalise-on-social-media,
And I am scared.
The race is on for a best practise model,
And I have no fucking clue how to develop one.
Should have stayed in sales,
At least I got a commission,
This is just a mission,
Gonna go get lunch and stuff myself since I gave up smoking and drinking after my 1st bypass.
So scared y’all,
So scared.

Anybody out there?


What must I do this weekend?

It’s the weekend y’ulz. Not sure what to do with myself. Starting to feel like drained by being a ‘adweblebrity’. Sometimes I just wish I could live a ‘normal’ life. Marry some ‘normal’ guy and forget this online stuff ever happened. Wish the old saying ‘once you put something on the internet you can’t take it off again’ wasn’t true. Wish someone had told me how fame was gonna ‘eat me up, spit me out & turn me into a banner ad on facebook without asking for my permission’ before I released my 1st sex tape / social media campaign. Can only hope that I’m a lesson 2 y’ulz.

I love you guys. You know me better than I know myself.

I love you guys. You know me better than I know myself.

What do normal ppl do on weekends? Have heard it’s quite rad to ‘chill with a beer at &Union’ bcoz they only serve 2 types of food and say fuck-you to anyone who complains. Have heard that normal ppl ‘tolerate being treated like crap’ and actually enjoy it.

So normal. So real.

So normal. So real.

Have also heard there is some ‘party at the Biscuit Mill’ on Sat. Haven’t been to a party ‘just anyone can go to’ in years. How do the caterers manage if they don’t know how many ppl will be there? Do ‘open’ parties often run out of Moet? (that was a trick question – Moet is cheap crap).

Good times with arbs.

Good times with arbs.

Maybe I’ll venture out of the city bowl, except the ppl outside the city don’t always get ‘netiquette’ and sometimes do crass things like ‘ask 2 add me on facebook’. Worried that if I smile at someone in the southern suburbs they will take it as permission to ask to ‘pick my brain’ on their latest ‘social media activation planning schedule’ when all I want to do is shop for scented vanilla candles at The Space in peace.

What do y’ulz ‘normal people’ do for fun on the weekend?

Sick of ppl underestimating me.

Im more than just an art director, okay.

I'm more than 'just an art director' okay.

Look. I’ve decided to GMFST (Get My Fucking Shit Together). Have had enough sitting in the corner being ‘the agency’s quirky designer who knows online’. I’m gonna develop my niche and show my employers I know my shit. Gonna campaign for a promotion, and gonna do that by sending out mails about ‘measuring social media’ to make the older ppl in the agency shit their pants and realise how invaluable I am.

Step 1: Scour some sites for relevant articles. Maybe follow some links on twitter.
Step 2: Copy gist of article into a mail and provide a link, knowing no one will click the link and will assume I wrote the article even tho I di’int.
Step 3: Send to allstaff with Subject that makes most people in agency feel like they don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, and don’t want to know, hence will recommend me to be responsible for anything vaguely related to social media.
Step 4: Get raise.

Ill never be afraid. Not even of the nasty writers who reply to my mails saying Im a dupe.

I'll never be afraid. Not even of the nasty writers who reply to my mails saying I'm a conartist.

Cha-ching bitches! (Just did a SIM-Alexa-Twitta-rater test on this approach and it gets a 9.5 score on the fuck-me-I’m-smart scale). PS. Don’t think I’m gonna sit on facebook executing the lame-ass campaign I came up with, just FYI. Best you hire an intern or something. I’m headed out of nowhereville going straight to the top of this food chain (that’s what the quiz I did on facebook says – you can quote it if you like). PPS. Now that I’m a social media hot-shot, don’t expect me to hang out with y’all ‘traditional creatives’ at Loeries any more. I’ve moved on.

this is viral.

you see, y’ulle. the brands  wanna get on board with this ‘new social media shizzle’. so they invent a competition where users can submit their ideas for ads. but consumers ❤ porn (human truth). so consumers make porn ads with the brand’s logo, handed to them on a silver ready-made-jpeg-platter ( brand bans the porn ad from official site, but not from youtube (youtube is god). general public ignores all the ‘legit’ ads, and sends around porn ad. yogisip gets viral youtube porn ad.

all praise social media, y’ulle.

living la vida lecturer

today I gave a presentation on The Search for the Levi’s Photographer project we ran, as a case study in big corporates using social media, for the Nomadic Marketing course at the UCT Graduate School of Business. big steps for someone who’s not exactly ‘in love’ with academia, but I did it as a favour for Dave Duarte who seems very much a doing academic, so it wasn’t bad at all. plus they gave me a book voucher, which I’m going to spend on the last installment of Stephanie Meyer’s series, Breaking Dawn. Can’t wait.

anyway, i’ve uploaded a copy of the presentation i gave, even though the real content was delivered in my speech rather than my slides, but it’s here anyway, F.Y.I.