1. The only time it is acceptable to wear Ed Hardy and Guess is if you got them free. Otherwise, rest assured that you are showing your breeding.

2. Wearing Converse sneakers with a skirt / dress / ballgown makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Someone had to say it.

3. Ramones T-shirts are very cool. As cool as Che Guevara T-shirts.

4. Go on, stick that Apple Mac sticker on your back windshield.
People will think you’re a total wanker with a totally awesome computer. Totally rad.

5. CGI babies are just not cool. Not in any way, shape or form. CGI babies carry a dark, paed-like energy, even if they’re dancing and happy. Just don’t do it.

***Updated periodically***

4 responses to “MyBrandedRulesTM

  1. YES…on so many levels…I have one you can add to the guess pile…”no, white-pants-with-gypsy-top girl from city varsity, your guess monogram bag canNOT pass for Gucci. Your g’s are interlocking all WRONG. You should have gone with the Vouis Luitton from the parade!” Is it just me or is Guess the most expensive counterfeit product on the market. Die Guess, Die. It’s like we sanction pop collars when we allow one Guess wearer to go by unconfronted. The least we can do is snigger…

  2. @pjjvr3 you’ve so got it.

  3. comradegoodcharlie

    Guess? I get pain in my groin when I fork out for a pair of Levi’s!

    and PLEEZ, fergodssakes, no crocs!

  4. JUST the other day I was contemplating wearing my white Wimpy Converse sneakers with a summer dress. I am relieved that I did not commit this faux pas. Thank you for the education.

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