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“I fell down a flight of refrigerators.”

now South African woman have their very own portal for uploading men who are asshats and warning other women about them.

donotdatehim.co.za got sent to me by a friend who is putting her ex on the site.

Dont Date Him.co.za

Don't Date Him.co.za

this is good because there are a lot of asshats out there preying on nice sweet ladies. of course there are asshat ladies out there preying on nice sweet guys but the guys must get their act together and get their own website. i have some A – Z tips on how to spot an asshat – the creative capetonians guide:

A is for Arty: Most arty dudes are asshats, especially the ones that LOOK arty from a 50 metres plus distance. Subtle arty detail means less narcissism, but generally you should stay away with men who have better / more creative hair than you do. Note if YOU are arty this does not nec apply since you are probably also not a very nice character and very into yourself in which case you will probably make a good asshat couple who pains everyone but yourselves, then you can coccoon as a couple and not bother other people.

B is for Big: like, Really Big. If a man looks like he spends a lot of time making his muscles huge (legally or illegally) chances are he’ll use them any chance he gets, even if that chance is to teach you a lesson for asking why he can’t clean the steroid syringe after he’s used it.

– C is for Claws. A man who has lobster claws for hands probably can’t be trusted. I don’t speak with any experience here, but I once watched a documentary called South Park about Crab People, and let me tell you, they look like they could do some damage to a woman.

That is all i have time or attention for. You can complete the rest.