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more BADvertising: that weird slutty Huggies baby

If you live or work in town you must have driven past this billboard at least once.

Just. Plain. Wrong.

Just. Plain. Wrong.

What do y’all think? My friend Lauren wrote this article over on her blog which sums up exactly how I feel about it. Ew. Gives me shivers every time I look at it.

UPDATE: Looks like Lauren and I aren’t the only ones with shivers. Chris Roper also doesn’t dig it.

BADvertising: a kick at the Balls.

Hey y’ulle. So I bet you’ve all been waiting with baited breath for ‘the big reveal’ to the National Skirt Extension Project. Chomping at the bit and all that (has any teaser campaign ever actually worked and not come off as something vague and slightly annoying?). So turns out it was Mrs Balls Chutney who did the National Skirt Extension Project initiative. Surprise.

The ‘thinking’ behind it is that you shouldn’t change something that doesn’t need changing.

I guess it would mean a whole lot more if they actually referred to food (Mrs Balls  Chutney is a classic South African condiment. Not a clothing brand. Or a woman’s interest magazine. A condiment.). Instead, they spent a LOT of money talking about shortening the skirt on the classic Ladies’ Room sign, banking on a big ‘ahhhhh’ when all was revealed.

I’m just going to say 2 things:

1. Women get brutally beaten all the time for wearing skirts that some men deem ‘too short’ – this kind of discrimination is rampant in this country, if not condoned by everyone. So it’s tasteless in the same way those dodgy Huggies billboards that show babies dressed up like whores is tasteless coz South African men seem to have a child-rape predilection, too.


Seriously. No one.

Seriously. No one.

Anti-climax huh? The brand kind of comes off as a  wanker, don’t you think? The details:

Psychographic Profile: I am an Advertising Student

Lets get vida and take photos of each other and deep etch them.
Let’s get vida and take photos of each other and deep etch them.

i am an advertising student.
i go to red and yellow / triple A / Vega.
i think my school is better than all the others.
i am from Joburg, but i am reinventing myself in Cape Town.
i am open-minded and quirky.
my accent has an American twang that i picked up from my best friend MTV / VH1.

I am an advertising student.
i carry at least 2 moleskines everywhere i go (1 for ideas, 1 for doing sketches of my friends that i will scan later and upload onto facebook so my friends can use them as profile pics).
i am learning to manipulate the minds of the public.
i am learning how to render food, cars and fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) with my overpriced Copic Markers.
i am adding ppl who work at ad agencies as friends of facebook because it will improve my peer evaluation marks.

i am an advertising student.

i have loads of cool kreative friends at AFDA.i have slept with all of them.
all of them have slept with me.
we do cocaine together at mercury live.
together we are ‘singing the song, singing this is the life’.
i write scripts and we make short films about the role brands play in our lives.
i work for the man. i hate the man. fuck the man. i am the man.
i make out with my female classmates when i go out to Long Street on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
i am in love with my gay best friend.

i am an advertising student.
i am multitalented. i can write and i can draw.
i can direct short movies on my nokia.
i know how to work a “Mac”.
i am in love with ideas.
i am just an idea. you are just an idea.
together, we have both been done before.

i am an advertising student.
someday i will be an advertising intern.
someday i will sleep with a Creative Director and blackmail him into hiring me.
someday i will write / art direct / design a TV ad / billboard / radio ad / brochure / promotion / meme that your kids will hum along to / fwd on email / fwd on Mxit / fwd on facebook.
someday i will quit my successful job and go ‘work in Dubai’ to kick my cocaine addiction.
someday i will never quit smoking, even though i did that ad about smoking that makes you puke into your mouth.

i am an advertising student.
i take pictures of the nightlife and upload them on my blog.
i work on proactive campaigns for brands like Vespa and Pritt glue.
i earn money by working behind the bar at a nightclub / at Exclusive Books / for a market research company.
i collect scraps of paper / packaging / stickers / quotes and stick them up around my desk / bedroom to feel creative / stimulate my mind.
i go to Vida E Caffe at wembley square every saturday morning so i can see Waddy Jones and his wife drink coffee and write raps.

i am an advertising student.
i go to vortex on the weekends. i dance to the trance music.
i love the vort because i can forget about brands and just ‘let loose’ and ‘be myself’.
i only read wallpaper and monocle magazine because i am progressive and have a global perspective.
i have won a student loerie.
i will get the funnest job at the zaniest agency because of it.

i am an advertising student.
i am my own consumer promise.
this is my tone and manner.
this is my substantiating evidence.
buy into my communication strategy.
buy into me.
buy me.