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landed. on feet. like cat.

i’m safely at King James. but readjusting to being on a PC. is like adjusting to living life upside with one left hand. will take me a while. so far so good if slightly surreal since yesterday was my third first day here. was nice to have a leisurely session at gym before taking the lift a floor up to work as opposed to usual parking scrabble. also noting how this vida cafe is like a dogshow where one must elbow one’s way into the queue or be ignored completely / trampled over by some blonde and her blonder friend. makes me slightly nostalgic for the black river vida, which was quiet and queue-free. guess you win some, you lose some. will be back with more meat once i’ve adjusted to blogging upside down with my left hand.

Blogging on PC at new office.

Blogging on PC at new office.

some sage Ad-vice

shamelessly lifted from the wk guys (has apparently been around for ages):

When the client moans and sighs
Make his logo twice the size
If the client still proves refractory
Show a picture of the factory
Only in the gravest cases
Should you show the clients’ faces

and then i really quite liked their additional verses:

If the ads have gone to pot
Mention blogging quite a lot

If you want to dazzle them
Drop in terms like CRM

To make your clients think you’re sage
Give campaigns a myspace page

To make them think you’re clever chaps
Make references to Google Maps

If accused of strategic shirking
Bang on about social networking

If they still think the work is crap
You must present an iPhone app


Sound familiar?


I thought so.

***Lets take this brand into the future!***

***Let's take this brand into the future!***