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What I’ve been working on.

I’ve had a few complaints in the last week that I’m not updating enough. Well, I’ve been busy with some very important work. Like such:

Taking advantage of the first beach-friendly days of the season.

Getting out my short-shorts and working out how to use my fish-eye lens with my iPhone.

Watching my boyfriend play with his dog.

Finding the right shade of red lipstick for my complexion.

Ambushing friends’ birthday photos with peace signs.

Taking photos of friends while they are mid-sentence.

Making my friends wear this gimmicky bird-purse on their arms.

And now you know. So quit whingeing and understand that some people have to work for a living, and that we are not all living the holiday.

anybody feeling a hostile vibe from the ANC these days? have they got collective piles?

not sure about y’ulle but i find it weird that the ANC is sueing the new party because of some lame name issue. i mean it’s not like the ANC has consulted anyone on it because if they did they would see that anyone can use the word ‘congress’ because it’s a free country. did someone run an online name check on CIPRO’s site? do we have to spend tax payer money on this? namechecks only take a few days. because i’d really prefer it if the ANC spent money on recovering all the money their departments have lost over the past year. ANC just seems like one of those CEO wives who doesn’t know how her husband makes his money so she spends it all and then next thing they’re eating dog food out the can.

of course the flip side of this is that the ANC giving all this attention to the new party which is cool, because at least people will finally see that all the ANC does is make a lot of noise about how everyone’s out to get it, and maybe people will consider voting for the new party because of all the free PR the ANC’s been giving it. looks like the new party’s smarter than anyone anticipated. great launch strategy. who’s the planning team on the new party, anyone know?

Heard the ANC is using new media to reach the tech-obsessed generation.

Heard the ANC is using fancy new media techniques.

srsly though guys, does anyone still have faith in the ANC?

even after everyone walked out on it? even after they keep saying all this dumb stuff in the media? even after that fat guy who works for them fell off a chair in the middle of the internet? not really feeling the ANC vibe anymore. they used to have this cool brand that was all about liberation and equal rights and now i’m getting some desperate whiffs of Microsoft. next thing you know they’ll be making cheap MP3 players and really bad ads for them that employ cheap slow motion techniques and squirting.

desperate never comes across as cool. voting for the ANC would be like dating one that ex boyfriend who tells you how he’s gonna kill himself without you. it’s just lame. it’s icky. you wish they would find someone else to obsess over so you can get on with cancelling your relationship on facebook.

The new ANC letterhead. Wonder which design agency they used. I like the bold use of colour. Shows theyre an organisation thats not afraid to innovate.

The new ANC letterhead. Wonder which design agency they used. I like the bold use of colour. Shows they're an organisation that's not afraid to take design risks.

***************************SO IN ANY CASE*******************************************

would love to sit down and have a bit of a brainstorm with the new party. you know, throw around some ideas for where they see their brand going. get some mood boards up, maybe do a few logo options. i’m thinking something with a concept behind it, something that will clean up at all the awards shows. maybe we do a spot UV, maybe we do some injection molding. wonder if they’ve given any thought to what kind of impression they want their business cards to leave. i’d imagine it to be something like ‘Don’t worry, we ain’t going Zim on you, all the smart ANC people have joined us, it’s gonna be fine’ would be a good vibe for them.

don’t mind taking the job on proactively either, as long as they don’t mind me entering it into the D&AD Oneshow Loerie Eagle Awards. I mean, screw the rest of the awards shows, that’s the only one that really counts.

Sneak preview of the new ANC packaging. As you can see, they have tweaked the logo a bit, to appeal to Generation Y no doubt. Digging the new font, too.

Sneak preview of the new ANC packaging. As you can see, they have tweaked the logo a bit, to appeal to Generation Y no doubt. Digging the new font, too.

Green tea should be made by naked men.

this was spotted on a box of Dilmah by my friend and designer, Carla. take a closer look at the second frame.

best made when naked men stand close.

Green Tea: best made when naked men stand close.

real-time fairy tales: writing twistori

Twitter tends to yield cool stuff like this every now and again. if you’re into post secret, or group hug, or anything else to do with human truths, you should like twistori. it’s based on some of the work done by we feel fine, and depending on which emotion you click on it gives you a perpetually scrolling story made up of what people are tweeting about.

Endlessly scrolling tweets. Does the old Page Down button good.

Endlessly scrolling tweets. Does the old Page Down button good.

brands being socially conscious

Cape Union Mart’s come out with a fleece made purely from recycled materials.


Visi magazine released a biodegradable shopping bag:


these recycled notebooks are made by the Remarkable company, and you can get them at the Wellness Centres springing up around town:


YDE has some recycled shoppers too:



Vida e caffe gets its green on:



the sole reason i go to canal walk shopping centre

is for Spitfire sunglasses, who are always on the mark when it comes to providing us consumers here with up-to-date shades. retailers take note. designer labels too, the selections of which are even worse, since they still think the third world doesn’t know its fashion or read perez and therefore they supply us with 2 year old stock at premium prices. mass market retailers, why am i still seeing those big round nicole richie vibe glasses everywhere? they’re so 2006. get with the program guys. i got a few variations on this wayfarer style but these are my favs for what’s left of summer, shown here with freshly trimmed hair:


dear santa clause (friends, family, associates, colleagues, people who want to impress me)


this frikkin rad ghost towel. you can buy it here. don’t be afraid of shopping online, it’s all going to be okay.


the nintendo wii will buy you my unconditional loyalty for about 6 months. includes me picking up your phonecalls every single time you call. you can get it at Musica, Look & Listen, those types of places. If you’re looking to add2 months to that deal you can throw in a game (Wario Ware, Harry Potter).

a pair of these Ray Ban Wayfarers will get you a place on my facebook friends list, with at least 1 wall post a month that somehow glorifies me and makes you look cool. white frames also accepted.


any kind of artwork from kronk.


The world’s most expensive Christmas cocktail, called ‘The Flawless’ which comes at a mere £35,000 a glass from Modiva nightclub in London. Described as “warming and refreshing, but that is not the main reason for the exorbitant cost: at the bottom of the crystal glass is an 11-carat white diamond ring.”

Sounds good to me.

Next on the list is Pleo. See post above for more details.


To be continued.

3 cities, 3 flights, 2 days

snapshots from a whirwind brainstorm tour of joburg, pretoria and durban. also, proof it’s possible to get jet lag in one timezone. will upload more from the pics once i get them from Nosisi.

durban airport spur

spur at durban airport. to me, spur embodies that feeling of beginning or ending a journey.

nosisi pretoria

tourbuddy nosisi. she used to be the singer in Kwani Experience.

driving joburg

somewhere along jan smuts going into town. and below, nelson mandela bridge. i love taking driving shots.

nelson mandela bridge

below is kulula’s camo plane, as we landed in durban. it got the passengers in my plane all talking and gawking.

kulula camo plane

after our session we went to Society in Florida rd in durban and had some drinks and danced a bit. good times. here’s Lavanya, Timmy and Nosisi. and then there’s me and Lavanya in the bathroom

society lav tim nos

bathroom society

night time brainstorm at the office

we got our grasses in to help us brainstorm a new product the other day. it was for an alcohol brand, and to get people thinking with their senses as well as just their brains we got all sorts of fruit flavours, savoury flavours, scents and visual stimulation and just put them out everywhere. we also got crayons and pencil crayons and pastels and paint and lots of paper and even some glitter glue.

ruth sticking stuff up

we got to taste 2 new products – as of yet nameless and without a brand, which is kind of weird, a bit like engaging with a person who has no name. well not really. then we got to brainstorming what we would call it and what we thought it tasted like and what our ideal drinks would taste like and what kind of bottle in would come in. we had some sushi breaks and drank more wine and ended up taking the best of everyone’s ideas and combining them to create… durn durn durn… our collective ideal drink. it sounds like a nightmare to execute, but it turned out surprisingly well, even though it was a bunch of consumers designing a drink. it’s rather refreshing to do this kind of thing with people who don’t work in advertising and brands every day. their thinking is generally clearer and just quite simple. which is exactly what we aim for but tend to spend so much time mucking around with. some pics of the evening:

2 of our lady grasses and priscillaconsumers getting involved with a fantasy brandmore consumer creativitypriscilla, ruth and shirley

Intern Jackie and Portiamy scribblesportia's scribblesserena on the swing (yes we have a swing)for the cameracleaning up at about 10.30 pm