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Sick y’alls.

Y’alls, was hijacked at gunpoint by a majah ear infection this Friday. Started off after I went for a run, and then my ear was itchy, and then I was in ER. Basically just writing this to ‘clear up da rumours’ about me being in rehab – would never do drugs y’all, they ‘make you ugly’ (via premature ageing).

NE wayz was in hospital for 3 days on a drip and all, but my doctors caught the infection before it could chopshop my ass up the border to be ‘resprayed & sold 4 parts’ so gonna be ok. Just chilling at home with my cortisone bros til all’s better.

Also want to take this opportunity to thank all my friend bros for all the support and flowers and treats over the past few days. Blogging from iPhone here so not sure I can hyperlink but y’alls can follow my Twitter (MyBrandedTwitterTM) to see progress on this sudden & unexpected ‘turn of fate’ that has become my reality. Never take healthy ears for granted y’all. I too thought I was infallible, that I was ‘street-smart’ & that if I were 2 be ‘felled’ by something it would be a worthy foe, like ‘megatron’ or ‘the Volturi’ or ‘John Farquar’. So wrong y’all.

Lastly just want to say that ‘life is too short to use earbuds’ so just let your body do it’s thang & hopefully y’all don’t become another victim of this senseless pharmaceutically-manufactured tragedy. Miss you healthy ear. Hope we can run as one again in no time.

Peace & pills y’all. Xoxo