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giving Peter Pan Syndrome the (re)boot. now LOLing at the pun i made in my headline. LOL. wish i was me.

the time for me to grow up has finally arrived. see, for the past 3 years i have been freeloading off the companies i work for and relying on my oral sex skills to keep me in laptops. but now in these harsh economic times it seems that not even a blowjob can get passed under the tax table without someone asking why the new girl has the MacBook Pro Aluminium Ltd Edition Steve Jobs worx, and the sad truth is that if i want a fancy laptop i am going to have to buy one. sigh.

some people ask me, “Alex, why didn’t you buy one ages ago, you are so digital and stuff, surely you want your own super duper machine??”

it’s a good question, but i have a good answer, and that is that buying a piece of digital as meaningful and statement-making as a laptop makes me want to wet myself just so that i have something else to think about. see, the machine i buy will slot me into someone’s pigeonhole, and i have a lot of brand therapy to get through before i even start on my digital brand-made persona. for example, i am still not drinking alcohol because making a decision about what to drink and hence making a statement about who i am really is too much for me. this girl can’t cope with that right now, not before i decide on my summer sunglasses brand. and now i have been forced between a work-provided desktop PC (yes they still make them LOL) and some sort of mobile digital device that says the following about me:

– i am an innovator and not afraid to try and buy new things and i am smart enough to make the choice that is not the obvious one for everyone else but totally works for me

– i am rich and have a lot of money to throw around despite everyone suffering in these harsh economic times which means i am an anomaly and hence highly desirable as a friend / colleague / blogger / girlfriend / cool chick in ur photos / person taking photos at your self-published book launch

– i have an amazing sense of style and taste that makes anyone who sees my piece of digital feel inadequate in all that they do, including their career, who they are as a person, as a lover and of course, especially, on levels of physical attractiveness

– i have my shit together yet i am also a slightly kooky wildcard and my digital piece is alternately an object of love and peace and beauty and a devastating weapon of destruction and slicey words that will blow your mind and also make you see things differently and change your perspective on how you view yourself

– that i am a self-starting innovative go-getter who will stop at nothing to release her single / publish her book / write her blog / twitter her thoughts / upload photos of her rad life / download photos of her friends’ rad lives / shop online for her favourite brands (as of yet just a handful because i am really discerning)

Do I want a laptop that talks to me and tells me Im funny and smart? Or should by laptop automatically reply to people who write to me on facebook so i dont have to? Features are very NB when choosing a laptop.

Need laptop with auto-facebook-reply to keep in touch with my "friends".


you see how hard this decision is? do i get a sony viaoaoaooo or whatever in pastel pink because it contradicts my strong jawline? or do i get the new macbook air because it’s completely useless in south africa and it will make people wonder how i make my money? or do i go against the laptop grain and get the most advanced blackberry known to mankind and make a big deal of blogging at the family christmas or whenever i’m in a mall? would i go to malls just to blog and start a mall-blogging trend?

Which laptop brings out the natural beauty in my eyes? Which laptop makes me appear younger and prettier than I am?

Which laptop makes me appealing to child predators?

this decision will have severe repercussions, make no mistake. i just want y’ulle to know that i’m putting a lot of thought into it and can promise that i will make the right decision when the times comes, and i might change my mind, but that will be the right decision, too.

getting in touch with my inner predator part 2: suggestions for branded christmas giveaways

not all squid are predators but when i think about squids i always think about the giant ones. therefore all squids are predators in my mind. anyway christmas is coming – bet the shops already told you – so i’ll be starting a list of ‘gift hints’ on mybrandedlife which will both have some sort of branding context and will also serve as handy reference for when you are shopping for me. if you are shopping for me. if you care. i’m adding this squid hat to my list:

Dignified. Works with skinny jeans and peep toes. Maybe a bright summar pinafore. Gives me Amy Winehouse cool with the fear of what her hair smells like.

Dignified. Works with skinny jeans and peep toes. Maybe a bright summer pinafore. Gives me Amy Winehouse cool with the fear of what her hair smells like.

also this shark hat will do really nicely:

A retro tilt will give my usually tomboy-ish style of dressing a dash of retro dandy glam. Or so my fashion school friends tell me.

A retro tilt will give my usually tomboy-ish style of dressing a dash of retro dandy glam. Or so my fashion school friends tell me.

Brands are always on the lookout for items they can put their logo on and give out at club promotions / product festivals / general giveaways. I would love to receive either of these as a branded giveaway, and I know I am not alone. Compare another branded key ring / lanyard / peak cap / t-shirt to a squid / shark hat. Logos I can imagine appearing on these fashion feats are:

–  Heineken


–  Mini Cooper (imagine getting a squid hat free with your car purchase? I could die happy)

– Woolworths under Woolworths Sea Predators Original Label (it doesn’t exist but i am making suggestions here)

– The Young Designers Emporium Hats Originalz Line (also To Be Seen in the Future)

What if the World

Something Fishy should have loads of these in their restaurant franchises, and whenever you order the Calamari and Fries you get the Squid Hat. If you order the combo dish you get the Shark Hat because it makes you the ultimate predator.

I could be here all afternoon…

customised cigarette boxes

we have a whole bunch of unbranded cigarettes, though we can’t say why just yet. but we’ve had loads of fun getting our smoker grasses to customise them. here are some of the results:









back to school: cool stuff seen around

Some things to get started on in the new year.

While messing around on perezhilton.com I followed a link on a banner ad that caught my eye  – seriously – which led me to brandhouse’s international site.

register as an American and guess a state code as you can’t see it to full effect from elsewhere. Pretty cool for something as hulking as brandhouse.

Still on alcohol been seeing a lot of ‘the real story behind brands’ type thing, (consumers into the ‘truth’) for example this one on jack daniel’s

and eye-fi is a wireless memory card! Yes! http://www.eye.fi/

seeing lots of QRcode everywhere (those funny little barcode-like pictures) and really it’s a super useful way to transfer information via cellphones, we need to be more aware about what we can suggest for clients looking to grow their mobile consumers. 

and lastly Hello Kitty for men.

And we’re off. Happy New Year everybody.

on expensive toys



i came across this review of the new cool AI dinosaur toy, the Pleo, on Notcot today. i found it rather funny because i used to own a roboraptor. it was a rad toy, but you need to control it, or it would bash around banging its head against the furniture and shrieking menacingly whenever something around it moved. i remain loyal to the roboraptor despite its innate violence and digruntled nature – it was modelled after a raptor after all. but this sounds pretty cool.

below is an old pic my roboraptor’s first christmas.



why i bought the car i bought.

a lot of people have been asking ‘why’d you buy the toyota yaris’ so i thought i’d do a bit about it.

first things first, the obvious car in that category to buy would be the renault clio. since every young professional i’ve ever known has bought into the clio vibe, i just couldn’t do it because it didn’t make me feel like a pioneer, like i had discovered a product all for myself. also, to be honest, i find their advertising seriously patronising… not sure about the clio’s stuff specifically but the megane’s pseudo-french ‘Shake your Booty’ – seriously? you really want me to buy your car so i can shake my booty? just thinking the words ‘shake your booty’ makes me cringe. no deal. as for the actual car itself – the ads created some serious barrier to access, couldn’t bring myself to test drive one. pity, coz they’re lookers, the renaults.

the peugeot 207 was tempting, although my peugeot-owner friends are never satisfied with service quality, or attention to customer complaints, or even with the quality of the car. they’re an unhappy lot, though i believe service has improved in SA of late. as sexy as the brand is, i’m not at the point where i can afford to mess around on basics like, does the car work?

next on the list is VW Polo, which are cute little cars but i find VW to be quite outdated on the whole. also every second person drives them. that, and the fact that they get stolen all the time – not really practical in South Africa. again, i’m not at the point where i want to be messing around with insurance companies who may or may not pay out.

then we have the Hyundai Getz, and while it’s a rad little car it’s still a Hyundai and i don’t want to be like the girl in the ad who keeps telling Officer Bob to take his hand out the window. i’m also not a fan of the body shape – too square and clanky. ‘clanky’ is just the word that comes to mind when i look at the Getz.

also on the list are Fiat’s offerings but their body design is also completely unappealing to me so i didn’t even go there. the Multipla nearly made me choke on my own tongue when i first saw it – awful.

a close contender was the Ford Fiesta, because of the value for money and the many happy customers i know. while i was looking for a car my friend Kate was too, and she ended up with the Fiesta, but having driven around in hers i found the Yaris to be infinitely more spacious inside. again, Yaris beats Ford when looking at something as shallow as the body. but i am shallow like that, and it was a close call.

Opel Corsa – the new shape is better than the old one, though my ex boyfriend bought a corsa and we want to move forward in life, no? also it’s a bit pricey for what you’re getting. though the car i traded in was an Opel and exceptionally reliable. don’t have much bad to say about the car except for the associations with an old life.

those were the cars i looked at. the other little mini toys cars out there are not really cars in my opinion, and a major factor that i haven’t mentioned yet is safety – i am safety obsessed, therefore the airbags and side impact beams and high mounted engine in the front all working towards keeping me in one piece while out on SA roads made me very happy with my purchase. and the Yaris is the nicest design of all the hatches out there are present in my opinion, barring the peugeot, although their headlights are looking rather beady-eyed in comparison to how the other manufacturers have put a spin on what was their trademark.

and now you know.

*Update* I also first took a liking to Toyota during the final montage of the final episode of 6 Feet Under, where everyone dies and Claire drives off in a  Toyota Prius. 6 Feet Under is one of my all time favourite shows, and that scene also got me thinking about hybrids and the feasibility of environmentally aware cars being normal and for the first time seriously considering driving one.

rad phone

jenny just got her upgrade. it’s shiney and silver and like a compact mirror. say hello to the samsung U700. i’m not saying i’m dissatisfied with my nokia N73 but you know… it’s so pretty.