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snippets from Design Indaba Expo 08

while i didn’t get to go to the full indaba since i was missioning around joburg, pretoria and durban, i did get to sneak in an afternoon on the opening day of the indaba, which is always a thrill for creative types.



saw loads of cool exhibitors, although they were a bit sticky about taking photos. genevieve and i were mainly there to catch her boyfriend’s show – John Sithole of label Earthquake – which was some gothic jozi urban goodness with true SA cues such as Converse shoes and kasi inspired bags.




didn’t catch the name of the first designer but they had this great liquorice allsorts theme going:





and then we chilled at the Cullinan pool for the rest of the afternoon.


john and gen:


gen and i in the lift:


websites that have been eating up my time.

Creativity Online is like the Daily News for anyone who works in and around the ad industry. Filled with interesting snacks of marketing related info.

Stormhoek’s just won an award for doing some innovative marketing. This is their blog, which is good reading. It’ll make you relook how you approach your product’s positioning, and rightly so. Big up to these guys and the work they’ve done with Cerebra.

Mike Stopforth’s blog is always worth checking out, especially if you’re confused by the whole web 2.0 thing (what does that really mean? etc etc). Dig around here for some easily accessible information and case studies, in normal, non-tech speak. Super cool.

There’s been talk of RCRD LBLĀ  for a while now but it’s finally up and running. If you’re single and lame like me you’ll want to set aside a friday night – okay, a sunday afternoon – for this gem. For those genuinely interested in the music industry.

And then I’m still twittering. This program is something you’ll only get into digging once you bother to sign up and use it. But it’s making marketers all abuzz at the moment since the word ‘micro marketing’ came onto the scene.

And lastly, Superfuture is not new, but it keeps me coming back. You’ll see why.