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I’ll mock it up, show u what I got

OMG y’ulz. Think I might just binge eat KFC 2 deal with the waves of extremely positive emotion washing over me right now.

Lady Gaga +  typeface = You can read my Neutra Face

spotted: packaging design egg in frozen broccoli

it’s not uncommon for graphic designers to sneak little personal jokes into their work. they do it because their lives are unbearably dull and most of their time is spent chained to a Mac wishing they were actually copywriters it’s their way of imprinting ownership on a project in a teensy little way, since deep down they are actually artists who are starved of outlets for personal expression. they might also do it because the project they are working on has become a complete nightmare and this is their small way of getting back at the nightmare in a fun, innocent and virtually invisible way. but a food blogger spotted this egg on a packet of broccoli. and it takes the form of little broccoli heads:

Can you see it?

Can you see it?

Hello there!

Hello there!

the brand in question? that would be Cascadian Farm.

thought for the day

Just keeping it real, yo.

Just keeping it real in ad land, yo.

garsh! we actually have a fashion industry. now who’s gonna invest in these guys?

i found this great resource for some young graduates from fedisa. some choice extracts:










found via ultimate sa online fashion resource ifashion.co.za