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the glamour of poverty

everyone’s a buzzing about this right now – Vogue’s shoot in India where they used really poor (and by poor I mean impoverished) normal people to model ridiculously overpriced pieces of couture. i guess they’ve been doing this for years by using real life crackheads like Kate Moss to convey a sense of irony via heroine chic – let’s face it, when you look like that you generally spend all your money on drugs, not clothes. um, what money, for starters.

i’m not sure how i would feel if they did that here. in one way, i think it would be great for some of the street kids to be exposed to some of the finer things in life (following that theory of giving your kids a taste of the good life so they covet and aspire to it and work harder at school to get it and do hugs not drugs etc etc) but on the other hand i think it might make some really pretty clothes very smelly and covered in sticky glue residue. ew.