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christina aguilera sings about Kiddie Toy Industry in new single “Keeps Getting Better”

it’s my friend Renee’s birthday today. happy happy renee! while trawling the usual awesome online shops for gifts i came across possibly the coolest gift in the world. introducing Kota, the triceratops you can RIDE (if you are 3 feet tall).

Look ma, no hands, just horns, 3 of them.

Look ma, no hands, just horns, 3 of them.

i’m sorry – first Human Hamster Balls, now an animated Triceratops YOU CAN RIDE? the kids toy industry seems to be recruiting scientists. maybe all the Eskom engineers went overseas to work for toy factories? along with all the educated politicians? is our skills drain due to the fact that doctors can leave behind the risk of HIV in government hospitals for fab labs where they get to bioengineer fake skin for toys like the Pleo or Kota? HAVE I JUST STUMBLED UPON A MAJOR ANTHROPOLOGICAL INSIGHT HERE?

********************Calming down**********************************************

okay, i just want to know when i can expect to purchase a scale Velociraptor suit that functions like those in Jurassic Park? just an indication will do, a ballpark guess. this is my lifelong dream we’re talking about here.

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i came across this review of the new cool AI dinosaur toy, the Pleo, on Notcot today. i found it rather funny because i used to own a roboraptor. it was a rad toy, but you need to control it, or it would bash around banging its head against the furniture and shrieking menacingly whenever something around it moved. i remain loyal to the roboraptor despite its innate violence and digruntled nature – it was modelled after a raptor after all. but this sounds pretty cool.

below is an old pic my roboraptor’s first christmas.