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Design Indaba time.

Pretty amped about Design Indaba tomorrow y’ulle. Gonna camp outside the CTICC so I can register first and get the best free goodie bag / t-shirt / sticker sheet. I usually manage to make a quick buck re-selling them to advertising students.

Remember being at AAA / Vega / Red and Yellow and your lecturer would saunter in with a Design Indaba goodie bag and you’d be so jealous. There were always those rich kids whose parents could afford to dish out R7 million for a ticket who would have the bags too. Then the lecturer would clean his office out at the end of the year and there was always a fistfight to see who would get the Design Indaba bag.

Guess she didnt get the bag.

Guess she didn't get the bag.

Anyways not really gonna camp outside the CTICC. Besides this year I pretty much own Design Indaba because I worked on the line in the corner of one of the posters. I pretty much own that joint. They know my name. My hair smells like rich mahogany. I basically am Design Indaba 12.

I am who I am.

I am who I am.

Question: Have you ever done anything crazy to get your hands on a ticket to Design Indaba?

For example, I once left a really great job at an ad agency to go work for a chicken-stuffing company because they promised me a full ticket to Design Indaba (agencies make you share tickets so you can imagine how appealing this was). Wasn’t the smartest move because they lied and made me stuff chickens all day.  Total bummer, y’ulle. Wish I could slag them off all over the internet, but will settle for slagging them off all over Cape Town.

What crazy thing have you done for DI tickets?

want: ghost lamp

BoooOOOOoooooOOOOoooo for me. No Ikea here.

BoooOOOOoooooOOOOoooo for me. No Ikea here.

boy am i sick of seeing objects i would like to buy and feather my home with from ikea. it happens at least once a week. not always from Ikea, but often. with globalililililisation and all, shouldn’t anything we can conceive of here in South Africa be available to us? is the unavailability of cool stuff like Ghost Lamp because of the recession? or are we still paying double for Horlicks here compared to what you pay in the rest of the world because Horlicks thinks us Southafricanlanders don’t know the price of a bag of malt? isn’t the price of malt the only thing that HASN’T gone up? this sounds like a case for the Mothman Prophecy.

What good is a President if he cannot negotiate cheaper retail prices for Horlicks?

What good is a President if he cannot negotiate cheaper retail prices for Horlicks?

I must say, a few weeks on into the new presidency and i feel optimistic about Southafricanland politics. it must be noted that this is not something I thought i’d ever write, but every time i look at that picture of our new prez, i feel happy. his glasses say ‘caring father figure who knows how to balance the books with enough left over to hire his daughter some fake paparazzi for her Matric Dance at Crawford College‘. that comforts me.

on expensive toys



i came across this review of the new cool AI dinosaur toy, the Pleo, on Notcot today. i found it rather funny because i used to own a roboraptor. it was a rad toy, but you need to control it, or it would bash around banging its head against the furniture and shrieking menacingly whenever something around it moved. i remain loyal to the roboraptor despite its innate violence and digruntled nature – it was modelled after a raptor after all. but this sounds pretty cool.

below is an old pic my roboraptor’s first christmas.



dear sony

please make it so that i can download the songs i choose to sing on singstar. please make the songs cheap, and also please make it compatible with your PS2 console because the PS3 one is just way too expensive, plus i have already bought Nintendo Wii and i just don’t have it in me to buy another one.

thanks, Alex