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How old are you in advertising years?

Today is Rei’s birthday and he turns 26. That makes him like 158 in advertising years. ❤ dating older guys. Happy birthday Rei. Bought him some Evisu sneaks. Not sure if Evisu is cool beyond jeans but he seems to like them, so think I did good.

Evisu sneaks.

Evisu sneaks.

Happy feet on the soles.

Happy feet on the soles.

Which brings me to today’s topic: How old are you in advertising years?

Here’s a simple equation to help you work it out:

Just plug in the variables.

Just plug in the variables.

Have been reminiscing about when I first got into advertising. I remember the day it happened. I was walking home from school through Keurboom Park just as the sun was setting, when a very pale man appeared from nowhere. He hissed and revealed a set of fangs and bit me in the neck. I blacked out but when I came to, I knew I was now a copywriter because I had the urge to bite headlines. Ppl always ask me why I’m so pale but now you know.

And so it was to be forever.

And so it was to be forever.

Am glad I was bitten by a writer and not by an art director tho, because then I would be chained to a Mac when the sun’s up, and also poor. As it is I can deal with sun, just have to  wear sunglasses the whole time. Another puzzle explained.


But that was like 400 years ago. Times have changed, and so has advertising. My people are increasingly misunderstood; as the creative class we have been chased into the trees / threatened with sharp sticks. Clients just don’t buy the “I’ve been in this business for centuries” rationale anymore. And they all seem to carry silver Parker Pens / Montblancs, if they’re not rejecting work because ‘it’s a full moon’ (hate being threatened :(.

Go write some lines.

Go write some lines.

Yes, I have seen all types of advertising come and go. I can never stay at one agency for too long because they cotton onto the fact that I seem very young yet know a lot. Can’t reveal the fact that I never age. Plus when yet another IT guy  disappears, ppl start getting suspicious. The life of a copywriter. Gotta keep moving y’ulle. Who wants to live forever hey. Who wants 2 live 4eva.

Cry me a river.

Psychographic Profile: I am an Advertising Student

Lets get vida and take photos of each other and deep etch them.
Let’s get vida and take photos of each other and deep etch them.

i am an advertising student.
i go to red and yellow / triple A / Vega.
i think my school is better than all the others.
i am from Joburg, but i am reinventing myself in Cape Town.
i am open-minded and quirky.
my accent has an American twang that i picked up from my best friend MTV / VH1.

I am an advertising student.
i carry at least 2 moleskines everywhere i go (1 for ideas, 1 for doing sketches of my friends that i will scan later and upload onto facebook so my friends can use them as profile pics).
i am learning to manipulate the minds of the public.
i am learning how to render food, cars and fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) with my overpriced Copic Markers.
i am adding ppl who work at ad agencies as friends of facebook because it will improve my peer evaluation marks.

i am an advertising student.

i have loads of cool kreative friends at AFDA.i have slept with all of them.
all of them have slept with me.
we do cocaine together at mercury live.
together we are ‘singing the song, singing this is the life’.
i write scripts and we make short films about the role brands play in our lives.
i work for the man. i hate the man. fuck the man. i am the man.
i make out with my female classmates when i go out to Long Street on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
i am in love with my gay best friend.

i am an advertising student.
i am multitalented. i can write and i can draw.
i can direct short movies on my nokia.
i know how to work a “Mac”.
i am in love with ideas.
i am just an idea. you are just an idea.
together, we have both been done before.

i am an advertising student.
someday i will be an advertising intern.
someday i will sleep with a Creative Director and blackmail him into hiring me.
someday i will write / art direct / design a TV ad / billboard / radio ad / brochure / promotion / meme that your kids will hum along to / fwd on email / fwd on Mxit / fwd on facebook.
someday i will quit my successful job and go ‘work in Dubai’ to kick my cocaine addiction.
someday i will never quit smoking, even though i did that ad about smoking that makes you puke into your mouth.

i am an advertising student.
i take pictures of the nightlife and upload them on my blog.
i work on proactive campaigns for brands like Vespa and Pritt glue.
i earn money by working behind the bar at a nightclub / at Exclusive Books / for a market research company.
i collect scraps of paper / packaging / stickers / quotes and stick them up around my desk / bedroom to feel creative / stimulate my mind.
i go to Vida E Caffe at wembley square every saturday morning so i can see Waddy Jones and his wife drink coffee and write raps.

i am an advertising student.
i go to vortex on the weekends. i dance to the trance music.
i love the vort because i can forget about brands and just ‘let loose’ and ‘be myself’.
i only read wallpaper and monocle magazine because i am progressive and have a global perspective.
i have won a student loerie.
i will get the funnest job at the zaniest agency because of it.

i am an advertising student.
i am my own consumer promise.
this is my tone and manner.
this is my substantiating evidence.
buy into my communication strategy.
buy into me.
buy me.

sent around the office yesterday

On 10/1/08 6:06 PM, “” <someone@myworkplace> wrote:

Hi Guys,

I am desperately looking for the poem by William Shakespeare – I think it’s ” how do I love thee/you” and he compares this woman to the stars and the moon kinda thing.

We did it in high school.

Please help – if you have it or have the title so I can google it or something…


Shakespeare by Burberry as seen in heat magazine.

Shakespeare by Burberry as seen in heat magazine.


i think one of the sadder truths about marketing is that it attracts people who would otherwise not study anything because it seems easy. don’t get me wrong – it IS easy – but only to the same kind of person who’d find doing a crossword easy. my message to all you cool kids out there who are too cool for class and just want school to hurry up so you can ‘get into advertising’ would be:






Some kids think their lives will begin once they get a job in a cool agency that wins awards and they get to ‘do cool work on cool brands’. i have news for those kids. the work might look cool, but the doing of it involves a lot of thinking and refining and arguing and crafting and disagreeing and substantiating and rationalising and post-rationalising and researching and bending over quietly (to pick up the pencils you keep dropping). if that is what your daydreams of being a dezigner or art Director look like, then you won’t need to die to get to heaven. you just need a shit-hot porti.