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Psychographic Profile: I am a Holiday

I am a holiday y’ulz
And boy I am awesome
I don’t work in an office
I am outside times
Happy lovely sunshine outside times
Happy lovely happy times
Dancey dance
In the sunshine
Pat pat a cat friend
Lie on a rock

I am a holiday y’ulz
I’m a beachy called Clifton
I am a The Rock
I am those ppl in the malls that make y’als thank:
What do these ppl do all day? Don’t they have jobs?
Happy happy Diana Camera snappy snap
Dancey dance
Lovely happy sunshine dancey holiday time
Laugh laugh love and friends
Happy splish splosh

I am a holiday y’ulz
I am long runs on the beach
Hikes up a mountain
A pat pat a sausage dog friend you meet on the way down
Smell of braai
Windless nights
Lots of laugh laugh in the night
Early morning sleeping late

I am a holiday y’ulz.
Y’alls feel me?
See you on the 4th of the New Year.

Miss y’ulz.

holiday on Friday

Can you feel it?

Psychographic Profile: I am on Holiday

I am on holiday
Going to take long leisurely runs
Followed by long leisurely massages
Followed by long leisurely lunches
During which I won’t overeat because I’m vaguely tense about some deadline
Which I’ll procrastinate against because the internet exists
And what more of a reason do you need.

I am on holiday
A tiny holiday, really only 5 days
But I’ll savour it like an extra Lindt chocolate with my double mucho Meie de Leit
from the Vida e barristas
Who were feeling extra generous this morning
Or maybe they just feel sorry for me
Because I am there every day.

I am on holiday
Not going to blog, facebook, but maybe tweet
But probably not
Not going to write a load of garbled psychographic marketing poetry
To amuse the other marketers procrastinating against their deadlines
Because I don’t give a rat’s ass
Because I am on holiday.

See y’ulle in a week.

…and we’re back!

wow. it’s been a while. a whole month in fact.

i would have got my act together sooner but both firefox and safari have not been able to log me in on my new machine. safari just flat out crashes. so i’ve turned to Opera. what a relief to be able to browse the net properly again.

i had an amazing holiday. spent a lot of time getting fit. got some decent running shoes. upped my running time. just generally spent time in my body, which doesn’t sound that great but if you work in an office from 9-5, especially in the ad industry, you’ll probably agree that it’s a luxury just to be physical and do a little sweating.

i’m really enjoying my new job so far. it helps that i know the people i’m working with already, so it’s not completely new. it hasn’t been too busy either, so i’ve been able to ease back into things.

today is also my 25th birthday. a whole quarter century. like a quarter pounder, except way better. in fact a quarter pounder does not compare. this morning while half asleep i had a dream that ‘the planets were aligning’, which i took as a good sign. i also woke up to tea in bed and a gorgeous Adidas Originals Grey Satin Hoodie – a gift from my special boyfriend. another great gift i’ve received would be Pleasures of the Damned, an anthology of the poetry of Charles Bukowski. So far so good.

i’ll upload some photos from my break a bit later.

i’ll be back in July

i’m fortunate enough to have a 3 week holiday ahead of me, during which i shall do all sorts of things except be on my computer. until then, have a good one.


farm stall eccentricities

so i made the most of the 2 day week 2 weeks ago, took leave and headed to struisbaai and arniston. a road trip in South Africa ain’t a road trip unless you stop at a farm stall. in this instance, the Moerse Farm Stall in Napier caught our eye. some snaps:






we found this very pretty ice cream truck in arniston, colour coordination a pure coincidence:

and ate a pint of prawns at the arniston hotel – highly recommended:


we also found the SunTouched Inn, which reads a bit like SunDouched Inn:


it’s been a big one

the end of a mad year. this last week has been so hectic at the office, wrapping up last minute work for clients and organising (and recovering from) a mid-week rodeo-themed christmas party. for once i decided NOT to take any photos, since i tend to concentrate too much on getting cool shots more than just having fun. so i have nothing to show you, although i will find everyone else’s pics, maybe early next year.

i will say that i can barely walk as my inner thighs are stiff from being a little over-zealous on a mechanical bull, and i have a graze on my knee, and it took me 2 hours to get the rhinestones off the top i wore, which i spent a good 3 hours rhinestoning in the first place. it was also kind of a farewell party for Daniel Beatty, our MD, who will be moving to Tokyo to run our Japan office (very sad for us) so it was a bit crazy. crazy good.

i just have one more thing left to do before i can chill, namely the grass newsletter, just to let everyone know what’s been happening. our office and business has changed so much in one year, it’s hard to keep everyone up to speed with what’s happening. we’ll be opening some new premises in jozi early next year, and we’ll also be opening in dubai and brazil next year. we’ll also be appointing a new MD as Dan has made himself a Super Valuable Human. but i may leave that til next year since i would rather have everyone’s input.

but it’s been quite crazy – i for one, have moved cross country twice in one year, and residential addresses 7 times throughout the same year. we’ve had massive growth in business through both new and existing clients, and instant seed as a business has really taken off and done some pioneering stuff in this country when it comes to word of mouth marketing. and the russian business has grown and is now a bit bigger. and we’ve had an insane amount of fun throughout it all.

i plan to turn my computer off for at least a week. my camera’s had a bit of an episode – the first since i’ve had it which is remarkable considering what it’s been through (it’s a Canon Ixus i, old school one, and a best friend) so i’ve taken that as a sign to do a bit of information detoxing. instead i’ll be filling my head with number9dream by david mitchell, the wind up bird chronicle by haruki murakami, and proof reading my friend lauren beukes’s novel Branded due for publishing early next year. that will be peppered with Heroes season 2 – which i have not had time to watch yet, shocking – and chilling with friends who have flown home from their perches around the globe / country. but what i’m most looking forward to is lying in the sun by the pool. not so much the beachdue to the trauma surrounding getting to and from it, but just being outside in the sunshine. hooray for summer.

hope everyone has a great christmas. i’ve got a bit obsessed with wrapping paper and am fully kitted out this year. i love christmas. happy holidays and rest well, see you next year.

oh and thanks to sarah johnson for showing me this, which got me laughing much, and got the peoples’ choice award for Best User Generated video (take note those interested in New Media):