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A Ninterview!

Y’alls can listen to me ‘in my real voice’ on The Digital Edge, who interviewed myself, Tertia Albertyn (What an honour!), Georgina Michelmoore and Diane Charton on what it’s like to “be a woman in digital”. While you listen to the interview, allow me to provide you with this beautiful photo of Bakoven beach, taken yesterday, for you to stare at. Yes yes y’all. Enjoy! xx

wish i could stay in hospital 4 eva

Why living at Medi-Clinic Cape Town is better than living in my (very rad, but let’s face it, not nearly as service-orientated) flat:

– they gave me my own private room with a view of the city and an en-suite bathroom

– people kept asking me ‘how i was’ and whether i ‘need anything’ and fluffing up my pillows

– they brought me food and drink when I wanted it and rolled me around on a bed

Like, the best! I could get used to that. Also super pleased with my brain implant, which now allows me to ‘Blog Just By Thinking’ (BJBT). Which is exactly what I’m doing right. now. While you let that wash over you, do spare a moment for a LOL-filled interview with Our Lady Gaga, who talks about monsters, playgirls and how her sex does NOT distract from her music. LOVE the purple horn hair. Want it. Can someone hook me up? <your ad here>

watch and learn

How to take over the world, one big dick at a time:

Alex from MyBrandedLifeTM interviewed by Glitter Zebra

Happy Friday y’ulle. It’s a good one because today I was interviewed by some real life Generation Y kids who run this zany site called Glitter Zebra. Glitter Zebra contacted me because the girl who runs the site (Katie) and her brother (Jerome) have been arguing about ‘What is cool’. So they googled it and found my site, and I have to say, I’m a little flattered. They even gave me The Singing Lion Award for my blog!

What a privilege!

What a privilege!

You can read the full interview here.

An extract to get you all juiced up:

“Basically, pies are cool, yes. They were made cool by that movie with the man who did a lot of Maths, and for a while then Maths was cool, but it was the pies who eventually came out on top.” Alex, interview with Glitter Zebra

A screenshot of the interview

A screenshot of the interview

Good Hope FM broadcasting from Jupiter this afternoon

Listen in from 3 – 6pm today. You might even get to hear us talk very meaningfully about design.

quote of the day: Let the poop flinging begin

“Felix Laband is a smack-head who gets little innocent girls addicted to smack then fucks off onto the next innocent little girl.”

– Cape Town Professional Local Celebrity / Singer / Rapper Max Normal, from his interview on facebook. Felix vs. Watkin Tudor Jones – IT’S ON.

Felix - Serial Crack Converter (accused)

Felix - Serial Crack Converter (accused).