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bibliotheque online TV

creepy, but it made me watch it 3 times.

voting memories

better late than never.

Rei queues patiently, comes prepared with iPod.

Rei queues patiently, comes prepared with iPod.

Some smug chick in the queue.

Some smug (but peaceful) chick in the queue.

The queue going down Kloof Street.

The queue going down Kloof Street.

Signage. Important. Wish theyd had a you can go vote at a less busy station even if you registered here sign.

Signage. Important. Wish they'd had a 'you can go vote at a less busy station even if you registered here' sign.



Lots of fun was had by all. The End.

birthdays and dinners

so we had a IG writer’s dinner to welcome some new grasses and get to know some of our current grassing superstars. we made a lot of noise and annoyed our waitress at Bacini thoroughly. Amu, our regional manager if Jozi and the new producer on Sbu’s morning show on YFM, managed to make it down to spend some time with us, too.




it was also Jacky’s birthday. Jacky helps us out all the time. we’re not sure why, but it must be out of the goodness of her heart. so we threw her a little party at the office with some fantastic carrot cake from Limnos, and we gave her this T-shirt. we know she’s been waiting for it all her life.


and then this is just a rad hoody i found on Ricky Lee’s back. Ricky runs a super cool company called Word of Art, as well as a clothing label you might have heard of called Muthaland. he also has a company called writeonafrica, which does commission based graffiti.


the sole reason i go to canal walk shopping centre

is for Spitfire sunglasses, who are always on the mark when it comes to providing us consumers here with up-to-date shades. retailers take note. designer labels too, the selections of which are even worse, since they still think the third world doesn’t know its fashion or read perez and therefore they supply us with 2 year old stock at premium prices. mass market retailers, why am i still seeing those big round nicole richie vibe glasses everywhere? they’re so 2006. get with the program guys. i got a few variations on this wayfarer style but these are my favs for what’s left of summer, shown here with freshly trimmed hair: