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the third coming

watch and learn y’ulz. WATCH AND LEARN.

wish i could stay in hospital 4 eva

Why living at Medi-Clinic Cape Town is better than living in my (very rad, but let’s face it, not nearly as service-orientated) flat:

– they gave me my own private room with a view of the city and an en-suite bathroom

– people kept asking me ‘how i was’ and whether i ‘need anything’ and fluffing up my pillows

– they brought me food and drink when I wanted it and rolled me around on a bed

Like, the best! I could get used to that. Also super pleased with my brain implant, which now allows me to ‘Blog Just By Thinking’ (BJBT). Which is exactly what I’m doing right. now. While you let that wash over you, do spare a moment for a LOL-filled interview with Our Lady Gaga, who talks about monsters, playgirls and how her sex does NOT distract from her music. LOVE the purple horn hair. Want it. Can someone hook me up? <your ad here>

“Just get a good shot of my ass on the way out.”

Watch. and. learn. Lady Gaga gives a press conference in Malta:

watch and learn

How to take over the world, one big dick at a time:

one of history’s greatest entertainers

Lady Gaga continues to blow my mind. Here’s her latest video for song Paparazzi. And for those of you chasing fame (you know who you are) let this be a warning.

i think i’ve found my Loeries Stage Gimmick

Bubbles. BUBBLES.

Bubbles. BUBBLES.

a bubble dress. can you handle it. am falling more in ❤ with Lady Gaga every day. wish i could go back in time to the agency xmas party and exchange my Amy Winehouse outfit for something more like one of these: