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an important announcement

this here week is my last week at TJDR. It’s really sad because i like it here a lot. from my first day here in the design department, i thought that i could spend a good year or 2 here, which says a lot since i am Gen Y and the lifespan of the average Gen Y job is 2.75 days. i’m gonna miss this place.

3 you guys. gonna miss you. will think of you everyday.

❤ you guys. gonna miss you. will think of you everyday.

But, as they say:

and i am excited to say that i have accepted a Group Head position at King James RSVP. which is just a fancy way of saying senior writer, but i like it because it reminds me of the colossal stone heads of the Olmecs.

don’t worry, this isn’t going to change me as a person. i’m not going to let the added responsibility, extra work and longer hours go to my head. i’m going to stay humble, stay focused, stay real. i won’t go getting all convoluted with the philosophies like the guy who wrote this:

Hmm. Deep.

Hmm. Deep.

Does anyone out there know what this means? Does it mean designers shouldn’t try so hard? Do y’ulle out there who went to university get this? My diploma never covered ‘the tension of opposites’ guys. Really wish i was intellectual right now. Then I could GET this. Are there extra lessons i can take in design philosphy that will make me a better Group Head? Or do i just need to concern myself with grammatical stuff since i am a writer and nobody actually reads signs like this anyway but if they do, at least nothing will be spelt wrong.


Sometimes I wish spellcheck wasn’t invented yet because then my services would appreciate in value. It’s a designer’s world yo. You never read shiz like this targeted at design writers.


here is a quote i like to keep stuck on my wall in Helvetica Extra Bold Heavy:

“Style = Fart.”

– Stefan Sagmeister

some sage Ad-vice

shamelessly lifted from the wk guys (has apparently been around for ages):

When the client moans and sighs
Make his logo twice the size
If the client still proves refractory
Show a picture of the factory
Only in the gravest cases
Should you show the clients’ faces

and then i really quite liked their additional verses:

If the ads have gone to pot
Mention blogging quite a lot

If you want to dazzle them
Drop in terms like CRM

To make your clients think you’re sage
Give campaigns a myspace page

To make them think you’re clever chaps
Make references to Google Maps

If accused of strategic shirking
Bang on about social networking

If they still think the work is crap
You must present an iPhone app


Sound familiar?


I thought so.

***Lets take this brand into the future!***

***Let's take this brand into the future!***

dear santa clause (friends, family, associates, colleagues, people who want to impress me)


this frikkin rad ghost towel. you can buy it here. don’t be afraid of shopping online, it’s all going to be okay.


the nintendo wii will buy you my unconditional loyalty for about 6 months. includes me picking up your phonecalls every single time you call. you can get it at Musica, Look & Listen, those types of places. If you’re looking to add2 months to that deal you can throw in a game (Wario Ware, Harry Potter).

a pair of these Ray Ban Wayfarers will get you a place on my facebook friends list, with at least 1 wall post a month that somehow glorifies me and makes you look cool. white frames also accepted.


any kind of artwork from kronk.


The world’s most expensive Christmas cocktail, called ‘The Flawless’ which comes at a mere £35,000 a glass from Modiva nightclub in London. Described as “warming and refreshing, but that is not the main reason for the exorbitant cost: at the bottom of the crystal glass is an 11-carat white diamond ring.”

Sounds good to me.

Next on the list is Pleo. See post above for more details.


To be continued.

cool stuff i’ve seen around


sneaker goodness, old pic of mine from a shoot. shoes and legs belonged to Leannie, the stylist on  set.

wolf shirt

wolf shirt! i want to start a wolf shirt picture collection, send me yours if you have any. this was in a strange little bar in pretoria on my first night in joburg.

pokemon shoes

emma brought these back from topshop in london, but they didn’t fit her so she was giving them away. sadly they didn’t fit me either.


another rad thing from the design files of my friends jean and stuart, this giant rubber duck was floating in their pool at their housewarming, also from @Home. it doesn’t look giant but it’s big, trust me.