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no more PC. only Mac joy.

hello y’ulle. don’t worry i won’t pretend i was hacked for too long. i mean, not that i was pretending. i would never post something so demeaning about the man that is to be our future president. never.

anyways, got a mac. love it. as per tradition, took photo of self with photobooth. see:

I even look hotter on Macs camera.

Always hotter on a Mac.

What this means for y’ulle:

– not much.

– but it definitely will make me happier in general. more focused on the process, as opposed to the result.

– more pictures of me a la photobooth (good times, good times)

– more opportunities for me to rub my success in your face.

– more opportunities for me to pretend to be successful and have an amazing life, when in reality i live in a shoebox under the bridge on buitenkant street and i live off KFC scraps.

rad. bet nobody can’t hardly wait. see:

Total radness. Coming your way. Duck to get out of the way of the radness.

Total radness. Coming your way. Duck to get out of the way of the radness.

PS. Thanks Apple. Love ya. xx

giving Peter Pan Syndrome the (re)boot. now LOLing at the pun i made in my headline. LOL. wish i was me.

the time for me to grow up has finally arrived. see, for the past 3 years i have been freeloading off the companies i work for and relying on my oral sex skills to keep me in laptops. but now in these harsh economic times it seems that not even a blowjob can get passed under the tax table without someone asking why the new girl has the MacBook Pro Aluminium Ltd Edition Steve Jobs worx, and the sad truth is that if i want a fancy laptop i am going to have to buy one. sigh.

some people ask me, “Alex, why didn’t you buy one ages ago, you are so digital and stuff, surely you want your own super duper machine??”

it’s a good question, but i have a good answer, and that is that buying a piece of digital as meaningful and statement-making as a laptop makes me want to wet myself just so that i have something else to think about. see, the machine i buy will slot me into someone’s pigeonhole, and i have a lot of brand therapy to get through before i even start on my digital brand-made persona. for example, i am still not drinking alcohol because making a decision about what to drink and hence making a statement about who i am really is too much for me. this girl can’t cope with that right now, not before i decide on my summer sunglasses brand. and now i have been forced between a work-provided desktop PC (yes they still make them LOL) and some sort of mobile digital device that says the following about me:

– i am an innovator and not afraid to try and buy new things and i am smart enough to make the choice that is not the obvious one for everyone else but totally works for me

– i am rich and have a lot of money to throw around despite everyone suffering in these harsh economic times which means i am an anomaly and hence highly desirable as a friend / colleague / blogger / girlfriend / cool chick in ur photos / person taking photos at your self-published book launch

– i have an amazing sense of style and taste that makes anyone who sees my piece of digital feel inadequate in all that they do, including their career, who they are as a person, as a lover and of course, especially, on levels of physical attractiveness

– i have my shit together yet i am also a slightly kooky wildcard and my digital piece is alternately an object of love and peace and beauty and a devastating weapon of destruction and slicey words that will blow your mind and also make you see things differently and change your perspective on how you view yourself

– that i am a self-starting innovative go-getter who will stop at nothing to release her single / publish her book / write her blog / twitter her thoughts / upload photos of her rad life / download photos of her friends’ rad lives / shop online for her favourite brands (as of yet just a handful because i am really discerning)

Do I want a laptop that talks to me and tells me Im funny and smart? Or should by laptop automatically reply to people who write to me on facebook so i dont have to? Features are very NB when choosing a laptop.

Need laptop with auto-facebook-reply to keep in touch with my "friends".


you see how hard this decision is? do i get a sony viaoaoaooo or whatever in pastel pink because it contradicts my strong jawline? or do i get the new macbook air because it’s completely useless in south africa and it will make people wonder how i make my money? or do i go against the laptop grain and get the most advanced blackberry known to mankind and make a big deal of blogging at the family christmas or whenever i’m in a mall? would i go to malls just to blog and start a mall-blogging trend?

Which laptop brings out the natural beauty in my eyes? Which laptop makes me appear younger and prettier than I am?

Which laptop makes me appealing to child predators?

this decision will have severe repercussions, make no mistake. i just want y’ulle to know that i’m putting a lot of thought into it and can promise that i will make the right decision when the times comes, and i might change my mind, but that will be the right decision, too.

landed. on feet. like cat.

i’m safely at King James. but readjusting to being on a PC. is like adjusting to living life upside with one left hand. will take me a while. so far so good if slightly surreal since yesterday was my third first day here. was nice to have a leisurely session at gym before taking the lift a floor up to work as opposed to usual parking scrabble. also noting how this vida cafe is like a dogshow where one must elbow one’s way into the queue or be ignored completely / trampled over by some blonde and her blonder friend. makes me slightly nostalgic for the black river vida, which was quiet and queue-free. guess you win some, you lose some. will be back with more meat once i’ve adjusted to blogging upside down with my left hand.

Blogging on PC at new office.

Blogging on PC at new office.

…and we’re back!

wow. it’s been a while. a whole month in fact.

i would have got my act together sooner but both firefox and safari have not been able to log me in on my new machine. safari just flat out crashes. so i’ve turned to Opera. what a relief to be able to browse the net properly again.

i had an amazing holiday. spent a lot of time getting fit. got some decent running shoes. upped my running time. just generally spent time in my body, which doesn’t sound that great but if you work in an office from 9-5, especially in the ad industry, you’ll probably agree that it’s a luxury just to be physical and do a little sweating.

i’m really enjoying my new job so far. it helps that i know the people i’m working with already, so it’s not completely new. it hasn’t been too busy either, so i’ve been able to ease back into things.

today is also my 25th birthday. a whole quarter century. like a quarter pounder, except way better. in fact a quarter pounder does not compare. this morning while half asleep i had a dream that ‘the planets were aligning’, which i took as a good sign. i also woke up to tea in bed and a gorgeous Adidas Originals Grey Satin Hoodie – a gift from my special boyfriend. another great gift i’ve received would be Pleasures of the Damned, an anthology of the poetry of Charles Bukowski. So far so good.

i’ll upload some photos from my break a bit later.

cool stuff seen around


we gave the jesus on our windowsill a regal banana jacket for easter.


stickers on the till in Idols store in Musgrave Centre, Durban. made by the shop assistants.


badges in Idols, through the glass.


you can get a water massage at OR Tambo airport, while fully clothed. pretty cool.


a Style-my-Coke booth at the Design Indaba. I got an I Love Jozi styled Coke.


the Mac store in Rosebank has used International Graffiti artist Faffi as inspiration for their new range, and decked out the store accordingly. it’s awesome – they’re even selling Faffi vinyl toys in store. very progressive for a main market cosmetics brand.


found this on a wall in one of our editor’s studios.


caught my brother’s first gig as the drummer in a band called The Wailing Jimi’s at Assembly a couple of Fridays ago.


a pretty piece of art i saw at a party. but blurred but hey.


and this great blockmounted pic found in an old university computer lab. brilliant.