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The SABlog Awards. Don’t vote for me.

Hey y’ulle. Been thinking and have decided am not going to nomin8 myself in the SA Blog Eagle Lion Pencil Prix Awards this year. Just feel like before we know it, we’ll all be blogging for awards and writing ‘scam posts’ just so we can get little buttons for the side of the page. Feel like I want to stay true to what my blog is really about: posting pix of myself where I look really hot, then writing about how ugly I feel, so lots of ppl email me and tell me that I’m rly hot. Kidding. Feel like I want to stay true to living my brand and searching for my consumer promise. Not really sure winning awards etc etc will do much for my positioning as ‘the blog for the marketing savvy marketer’ / ‘The number 1 creative BLOG in South Africa’. Feel like I’ll be feeding myself my own words on a hat to cut off my foot and shoot myself in the face.

“The truth isn’t the truth until people believe you / and they can’t believe you if they don’t know what you’re saying / and they can’t know what you’re saying if they don’t listen to you / and they won’t listen to you if you’re not interesting / and you won’t be interesting unless you say things imaginatively / originally / freshly.” – Bill Bernbach, the Dis Be Advertising Album, 1965

The Dis B Advertising Album Artwork, 1965 (re-release 1985)

The 'Dis B Advertising' Album Artwork, 1965 (re-release 1985)

Not rly going for this ‘winner!’ vibe or this ‘top blogger in the world of cape town / twitter’ vibe. Feel like making this whole thing competitive takes the fun out of it. So just wanted to tell y’ulle NOT to vote for me here. If you don’t vote for me here, then y’ulle will all be the winners. Together, we will be simply sharing our experiences in advertising to ultimately deliver a better product.

My Homie: Bill BB

My Homie: Bill BB

“Our job is to sell our clients’ merchandise… not ourselves / Our job is to kill the cleverness that makes us shine instead of the product / Our job is to simplify / to tear away the unrelated / to pluck out the weeds that are smothering the product message.” Bill Bernbach, the Pop Yo Logo On Dis Bitch album, 1973

Am having a good feeling about this. Feeling focused, like I know who I am again. Still need a Loeries gimmick though. Should I dress up like Bill Bernbach? Will Bill Bernbach be recognisable as a costume when they interview me on Top Billing about my Grand Loerie Eagle Pencil Prix Award? Will pics of me dressed like Bill Bernbach get me more hits on my blog?

Love ya Bill.

Love ya Bill.

Being a copywriter is something complex y’ulle. Sometimes wish I’d studied Business Science and worked at Goldman Sachs with my ugly English boyfriend/bloke in London, getting wasted in pubs, ‘singing the song thinking this is the life”.

product name generation 101

Lots more genius here.

making the ‘trendies’.

so cherryflava wrote about the trailer park hotel opening at the Grand Daddy in Long Street and posted this fine ol’ pic of me and my bear:

Me and my boo (bear). Things are just fine now that Mama Bears left.

Me and my boo (bear). Things are just fine now that Mama Bear's left.

should i go blonde y’ulle? should i quit my job and be goldilocks full time? i could probably do Snow White and Jasmine from Aladdin too, if i don’t cut my hair as planned on Wednesday. maybe i could sign some sort of endorsement deal with various sponsors looking to add some sort of ingenue /sex fetish appeal. maybe Jessica Simpson Hair ExtensionsTM ‘n me should talk.

have any of y’ulle ever been featured on a ‘trend blog’? not sure how i feel about it. wondering if i’ve accomplished a subconscious lifetime dream. thank goodness i wasn’t featured for not wearing panties at the Assembly / for having 8 babies / for slashing toddlers at a daycare / for being ‘too real’. all of the above would suck as trends. am feeling a bit worried because now that i have been featured once, i’ve had a taste of trend fame. i want more.

i want to BE the superbowl. i want to BE the amy winehouse beehive. i want to BE the intriguing diagram that conveys how men think about nothing but sex and beer. i want to BE the ‘funniest complain letter in the world, ever’. i want to BE sneezing baby panda.

maybe i’ll just settle for blonde. life’s confusing enough as it is. speaking of confusing, have y’ulle seen the Cadbury’s Drumming Gorilla ad 2.0? it features 2 kids who move their eyebrows to the rhythm of the backing track, and presumably, the rhythm of their souls.

hmm. really makes me think. did y’ulle rush off to the bathroom right after you favourited this on your youtube to see if you could do that with your eyebrows? i can’t, in case you were wondering. did y’ulle rush out and buy (cadbury’s) chocolate right after you saw this ad? (i didn’t. only eat lindt even though i have to draw from my mortgage to pay for it, but i’d never compromise my personalbrand 4 money). maybe this ad is aimed at kids and we just don’t get it.

do you think this ad is exploiting childrens? you know how weird childrens can be – almost every children has some sort of strange nervous tick that their parents have to wean them off through expensive therapy / ritalin / mood stabilizers / beating the shit out of them / being alcoholic parents ‘to give the kid something real 2 worry about’. i’m not sure whether advertisers should be exploiting this insight into children and family dynamics. will someone report this to the ACA? the CIA? the AA? not sure what kind of help these 2 exploited young ‘uns need. maybe someone can sponsor a doll for them so they can point out where they were touched on their faces when this ad was made.

i’m also scared of what kind of repercussions this ad is going to have. what if popular clubs like The Assembly and Bassline and 88 start playing a beaty remix of this track, thereby encouraging drunk patrons to mimic these offensively naff eyebrow movements? what if squeeky balloons become the new rave whistles / glow sticks / lollipops / vuvuzelas? what if i never stop asking silly questions on my blog followed by forward-slash-separated-variables? sigh. it’s going to be a really tough one because eyebrows are a lot harder to print branding on than rave whistles / glow sticks / lollipops / vuvuzelas, and the balloon will eventually deflate and is only a ‘temporary solution’.

not sure how to finish this post. hey look. more pictures of me as goldilocks.

Just ate some hot porridge.

Just ate some hot porridge.

Bears tell great jokes.

Bears tell great jokes.